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Escape Hunter Terms & Policies Disclaimer


This disclaimer specifies the activity, scopes, obligations of EscapeHunter.com and its relations with 3rd parties.

Activity and Scope

EscapeHunter.com is a travel guide site. This website's primary purpose is to provide information, therefore e-content and secondly, advertising services and paid travel-related services are also provided.

Independent Activity

EscapeHunter.com is an independent website that's not the managed by- or run by- any other business or entity, but the single owner of EscapeHunter.com.
EscapeHunter.com is not a subsidy, nor a brand name of any company.
EscapeHunter.com has 100 % independent activity from any other website and/or company.

No Sponsorship By- and No Activity In the Name of EscapeHunter.com

EscapeHunter.com does not sponsor any activity, company or other entity.
EscapeHunter.com has not given any permission to any other entity outside EscapeHunter.com to commercially use the name of this website, the logos of this website, imagery or textual content. Therefore, none of the elements (names, imagery, textual content) of this website are allowed to be used for commercial purposes by any other entity (company, person, website etc.).
No other entity (company, website, person) may act on behalf of-, in the name of- EscapeHunter.com. Any such activity noticed must be reported to this website and appropriate actions (e.g. legal actions) will be taken.

Obligations, Responsibilities, Copyright

The materials on EscapeHunter.com and on the attached social media channels originate from various sources and authors, creators, owners.

All imagery under the "Escapes" section is 100 % owned by EscapeHunter.com's owner. No image under that section is owned by any other party.

EscapeHunter.com’s photos and illustrations originate from various sources: own photos (owned by) EscapeHunter.com, stock photography and illustrations (bought- or freely given away by providers, such as iStockPhoto.com), free imagery (from various online providers), personal photos of other travelers/photographers (granted usage for free).

Occasionally, images owned by other parties (e.g. stock photography, other photographers/travelers) might be located under other sections of this website. Those graphical elements and/or photos and/or illustrations are the property of their respective owners, therefore we cannot grant permission to publish them, under any circumstance. The 3rd party-owned photos and/or illustrations published by EscapeHunter.com are published with permission (e.g. purchased from stock photography providers, for instance: iStockPhoto.com). The upper mentioned 3rd party-owned photos, illustrations are not the property of EscapeHunter.com and are being published, used by EscapeHunter.com according to the terms, policies of the provider/owner of those photos, illustrations.

Design elements of EscapeHunter.com are owned by the owner of this website and may not be reproduced, published by any other party without prior consent.

The site name "Escape Hunter" and "EscapeHunter.com", as well as "EscapeHunter" are as well owned by the owner of this website. These names are the property of the owner of this website and may not be used for commercial, marketing purposes by any 3rd party without prior consent.

Textual content on the EscapeHunter.com website and social media channels are owned by the owner of this website. Examples of such content include, but are not limited to: articles, slogans, titles etc. either in entirety or partially.

Any content owned by EscapeHunter.com may not be reproduced, published, sold in any way to any party by any means without prior consent with the owner. Reproductions may not occur in entirety, nor partially.

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