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More of Athens, Deeper

December 3, 2016

Following the uplifting Meteora trip, I returned to Athens to dig deeper and discover more beauty in the suffocating concrete jungle...

The sad truth about Athens is that it's a suffocating heavy concrete jungle. You'll have to know exactly where to go to see the nice spots and some of these places are pretty far away from each other.

Athens is huge, the transportation system is worth no praise.

Here are the reviews of what I've experienced, as I went deeper to explore. Among my favourites were: street art and the stunning views from the Akropolis.

Top Attractions of Athens

Athens top attractions

In 2 full days you can see most of what can be considered a major attraction in Athens.

Here's my list of the main places you should visit.


Street Art in Athens

Athens street art photos

I have come across marvellous street art in Athens by pure chance.

Behold: besides Barcelona, Athens is yet another great place for seeing beautiful street art.


The Deserted Athens Olympic Park

Athens Olympic Park

Athens' Olympic Park hosted the 2004 Summer Olympics.
The complex was revamped according to the plans of Santiago Calatrava - this was my second encounter with his work.

Odd: during my 2009 visit, the entire complex was deserted...


Impressions: The Look and Feel of Athens

Athens' look and feel

Revered ancient monuments and delicious Greek food (which I love!), but also filthy streets with gangs... Athens is a noisy suffocating concrete jungle.

Here's how Athens felt in 2009 just prior to the Greek economic crisis...


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