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My Escapes Greece Greek Week

Greek Week

December 3, 2016

A hot June week in Greece: ancient statues and buildings, Greek salad, souvlaki, monasteries and luxury yachts...
Walking and even a bit of hiking under the hot Greek sun. This was my first trip to Greece.

This is a retro travel story of a trip I had taken in 2009 to Greece.

Focusing on Athens, Meteora and Piraeus, I set off for Greece in the month of June and boy it was hot Greek summer!

It was 2009, amid severe economic crisis. And, although the "Greek crisis" had only started later that year, it was already "in the air".

This trip has left me with a mix of good and bad...

The good: from the surreal rocks of Meteora to the fine carvings on ancient Greek statues and from delicious Greek salads to the mystical atmosphere in the monasteries of Meteora...

The bad: from riot police in Athens, to the sight of drug addict crowds on streets, publicly injecting themselves with "venom", and from the suffocating polluted Athens air to the "barn door" of a hotel room...

It was an adventurous trip and in the end I ended up breaking my DSLR camera!

One Day in Athens

Athens trip

Arrived in the afternoon and immediately proceeded to explore the surroundings...

See what I've found on my first day in Athens.

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Meteora, Kalambaka, Kastraki

Meteora, Kalambaka, Kastraki

It's no secret that the main target of my Greek trip was Meteora. I was fascinated at the sight of so many photos of it, so I went out to see it.

Here's my trip report...

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Piraeus Day Trip

Piraeus trip

Piraeus can be reached by metro from central Athens.

If you like watching boats, wander around bays and marinas, spotting yachts, then this could be a day trip idea if you're staying in Athens.

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More of Athens, Deeper

More Athens

I was bound for more explorations in the Greek capital, following the long trip back from Meteora.
This time I dug deep, went exploring the street art and tasted a few local meals.

Photos, tips and suggestions on what to see in Athens.

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