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Piraeus Day Trip

December 3, 2016

Day trip to Piraeus from Athens - what can you do and see there?
Should you spend a few days in Athens, consider spending a few hours, have a few drinks at a marina. They're scenic.

Some might consider Piraeus as "the port city of Athens" - by itself is pretty big, vast enough for a day trip. Its population was around 164,000 in 2011.

I set off for a day trip, which I approximated will last 3 hours, but ended up burning roughly double that amount of time.

Piraeus is hilly and that's not shown on the typical urban maps. And back then in 2009, I was using an older version of Google Earth.

Piraeus Boat Watching

Piraeus Boat Watching

If you're a regular reader of this site, you know how much I enjoy boat-watching. And this is among the best thins you can do in Pireaus.

Photos and a few humble thoughts...


Long Walk Through Piraeus

Piraeus urban exploration

My favourites were the two marinas and the main harbour where the heavy ferries dock. Well, it's mostly the views with boats and ports that's worth experiencing.

The rest of the city is mere concrete house block labyrinth. The streets: almost lifeless.


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