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My Escapes Italy Naples, Islands, Pizza and Camorra! Capri Capri - the "Gem Island" Boat Trip From Naples to Capri

Boat Trip From Naples to Capri

August 22, 2015

The isle of Capri can be reached by boat between 30 to 120 minutes from Naples - depending on the type of boat that you take. Average duration is around 1 hour.
I took a ferry, but hydrofoils ride on top of the water and are faster.

Initially, I wanted to take the faster hydrofoil, but it would have set-off too early in the morning and I was already tired because of so much urban exploration in Naples.
I would have also missed out on my breakfast and there was also a very long walk to the port...

I chose the cheaper variant: the ferry. It took 50 minutes. But I counted about 60 minutes, considering the disembarking process on Capri.

Boat from Naples to Capri

The boat looked a bit like jet airliner, but there were very few people aboard

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Prices of Naples-Capri ferry trips vary, depending on company and boat type, so I won't fool you with prices I paid in 2011, since they're subject to change etc. But back then I paid slightly more than 12 eur for a single leg.

From Capri I returned one the the 3rd day by hydrofoil, which brought meto Molo Beverello. Initially, I had departed from the old, worn-down port (north of Molo Immacolatella Vecchia), which is behind the road of Via Nuova Marina.

That port was more like a cargo port, found behind a large number of buildings.

Some boats are so slow, it's a 2 hour drag getting to Capri from Naples, but my trip took about an hour. This is average duration.

The 45 km distance seems short, but by boat it feels a heck-of-a-lot longer than by car.

During the boat trip, for a long time I could only see water on the left side where I got seated. Then, out boat slowed down and turned right...

I then had my first glimpse of Capri's Monte Tiberio...

Glimpse of Capri

First glimpse of Capri's cliffs through the boat's thick unclean window...

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We entered the Marina Grande (Capri's large boat port) and proceeded to disembark.

Exactly when I was preparing to jump over the "water gap" between the boat and the land, my wheel bag's handle cracked off...

If this were to happen in the moment I was above the water, I could lost my balance and the heavy bag could have dragged me into that gap!

If the handle had cracked just a split second later, I could have ended up in the "abyss".

What I learned from this experience was to always check my bag handles and never disembark at the edge. Be as far from the water as possible.

What actually happened with my wheel bag's handle was that the loose screws holding one end fell out. I was still holding the handle, which was connected to the bag through the other end...

If the entire bag handle would have fallen off, then the bag would have fallen down, but in this case it swung, dragging me sideways as I was holding onto it.

After disembarking at Marina Grande, I got off and started looking for a bus.

My Capri hotel was in the town of Anacapri, on the other side of a mountain range.

Buses were operating every 15-20 minutes and they're tiny! They get so crowded you can barely get in and I couldn't fit into the frist one...

At any given time I only saw a total of 3 yellow buses at a larger station. I reckon, only a handful operate on the island. I could identify more than 3, but I think even 10 wouldn't suffice.

A bus single trip cost me 1.8 EUR, but the bus driver "witheld" 20 cents for himself.

Because there is only a single-lane narrow road leading up to Anacapri, it cannot be used for both ways at the same time...

Vehicles stand in line waiting for their turn to all go one way (or the other), on the same thin road.

It can take more than a quarter of an hour to wait for the "vehicle snake" to pass...

If you don't want to wait for the green light or if you don't want to spend 1,80 EUR for each bus (or even more for a taxi), then you can a go by foot on a trail, but it's uphill, long and don't be surprised if you encounter snakes along the road.

Escape Hunter

About the Author:

Escape Hunter, the young solo traveler in his early 30's explores the World driven by curiosity, thirst for adventure, deep passion for beauty, love for freedom and diversity.
With a nuanced, even humorous approach to travel, an obsession for art and design, Escape Hunter prefers to travel slowly, in order to learn and "soak up" the local atmosphere...


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