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My Escapes Italy Naples, Islands, Pizza and Camorra! Capri Capri - the "Gem Island"

Capri - the "Gem Island"

August 22, 2015

Capri is a true "gem of the Mediterranean" with exhilarating sights, beautiful streets offering pleasant walks.
The isle of Capri has captured my heart in seconds.
Embark with me on this virtual journey to see Capri's best assets, how it looks and how it feels.

The island is about 1-1,5 hours by boat from Naples.

I arrived to Capri by ferry...

Immediately after having halted at Capri, the boat turned right (sorry: starboard) and I caught my first glimpse of the towering grey cliff of Monte Tibero.

I had spent almost 3 full days on Capri, having been accommodated at a very nice hotel: Casa Caprile in Anacapri.

Capri is definitely a place that you must visit at least once during your lifetime - and I hope my guide can be helpful to you!

Boat Trip From Naples to Capri

Boat from Naples to Capri

It took 80 minutes for me to get Capri by boat. Despite it beeing a speedy boat, it still wasn't like Speedy Gonzales (if you know what I mean).

The most uncomfy thing about these Naples-Capri boat trips is that generally the best boats leave early in the morning...


Capri's Look and Feel

The look and feel of Capri

Capri boasts full of high-end shops, restaurants, clubs and hotels. Splurge all around...

The look and feel of the Italian island smooth, friendly, warm... cute architecture, thrilling views!
Capri could be quite intimate, but many of the streets are overcrowded.


Exploring the Town of Capri: The Best Attractions

Island of Capri - view

Capri is the name of the main town on the island. Most attractions are found here...

This is where the two ports are, the main square, some high-end hotels and other hotspots...


Anacapri's Attractions

Anacapri's top attractions

Quieter, smaller crowds here than in the town of Capri, but still... there were plenty of visitors.

Anacapri has a few interesting churches and of course - Monte Solaro with its breathtaking views!


Anacapri Street Exploration

Anacapri's street

Besides the top attractions, I took walks on Capri's intriguing streets, examining the playful architecture, the plants...

To be honest, I enjoyed this more than the main urban attractions, but Monte Solaro would still top this.


Monte Solaro

Monte Solaro view

589 m above seal level, it's the highest cliff on the island and I'm pretty sure, it's one of the best viewpoints in the entire Mediterranean region!

Went up there by chairlift and once I saw the views, I got blown away!


Intriguing Streets and Beautiful Buildings on Capri

Capri buildings

You'd miss out on a lot if you merely go for the main attractions. The island is full of intriguing streets and friendly buildings with playful shapes.

Here are a few depictions of villas, homes, hotels and other dwellings, as well as a number of attractive streets...


Capri's Lovely Ceramic Tiles

Capri ceramic tiles

Everywhere I went, I admired the beautiful and unique street tiles that marked the house numbers and place names.

I can't leave this out, you just have to see them! They're so beautiful!


Eating and Drinking on Capri

Pizza caprese

I tried the local cuisine and liked it quite a lot: pizza caprese with prosciutto and a fresh green salad are undoubtedly the main representatives of Capri's cuisine.


Capri's Marina Grande

Marina Grande, Capri

The main port of the Isle of Capri is the Marina Grande - this is where most ships come in and go out.

What a crowd of boats! What a coastline with all those old buildings!


Attacked By an Angry Black Snake!

Black snake

Traffic jams often occur on the thin road linking Capri and Anacapri. I just couldn't waste more time, I had to reach Capri from Anacapri - on a trail.

Suddenly an angry black snake slid out in front of me and took an attacking position!


Vehicle Spotting on Capri

Capri vehicles

Wicked tiny vehicles, some of them actually cute could be seen now and then, crossing the narrow streets on Capri.

Even the buses are "mini" on Capri.


Hotel Casa Caprile, Anacapri (Capri) - Review

Hotel Casa Caprile, Anacapri - Review

To me, the hotel itself was an attraction! Beautiful building with a peculiarly decorated roof, fantastic green garden with singing birds!

The only downsides were: no internet, cold and poor breakfast...


Back to Naples

Boat back to Naples

Photos and thoughts, memories and musings on returning to Naples aboard a fast boat. This time I didn't go by ferry...


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