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My Escapes Italy Naples, Islands, Pizza and Camorra! Naples My Trip to Temperamental Naples

My Trip to Temperamental Naples

August 22, 2015

If Rome is the capital of Italy, then Naples is the capital of the south.
What comes of many peoples minds about Naples is the mafia and Mount Vesuvius. But I'll try to prove you that there's a lot more to Naples than just that!

I arrived in Naples at around 8 o'clock, arriving from Rome...

Prior, I had strategically booked a hotel close to the train station, also because I heard to many scary things about Naples - I didn't want to meet the Camorra eye-to-eye, obviously (just kidding).

It gave me the creeps walking all the way from the train station to my small hotel located on a dark backstreet with shady creeps roaming all around.

My first impression of Naples: dirt was flying in the wind, hookers standing on the streets, shady creeps "patrolling" amidst mountains of trash (literally: huge piles of garbage).

The odours were sickening and I tried keeping my breath as I passed by the garbage hills was awfully effort-consuming.

Later, I came in contact with the nicer side of the city: the palm trees, the delicious pizzas, the kindness of locals and I visited the islands of Capri and Procida.

Here's my guide to Naples - based on my experiences:

Discovering the Attractions of Naples

Naples top attractions

Naples has a few main roads, 3 large fortresses, old churches, the famous Galleria Umberto I (old shopping gallery) even a Spanish Quarter!

There's enough to discover. Plus: there are plenty of palm trees and there are many more attractions around the city!


Naples' Look and Feel, Moments and Musings

Naples thoughts and feelings

Naples is a warm vintage exoticism-dominated decaying slumish port city with dark worlds of hidden backstreets (where I doubt anyone has the guts to wander into!). Pale colours and decaying walls of mostly old buildings are characteristic to the architecture.

The urban fauna included the shady creeps, street corner witch-like whores, huge stray dogs and fat stray cats...


Strange Futuristic Metro Station in Naples

Naples subway station

Worth check out the images, even though I didn't actually take the subway... It wasn't going in my desired direction, but what kept me looking around was the design of the station itself!


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