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My Escapes Italy Naples, Islands, Pizza and Camorra!

Naples, Islands, Pizza and Camorra!

August 22, 2015

I was about to arrive in to Naples from Malta, but my flight was cancelled. I then took an alternate route through Rome by plane and from there by the Frecciarossa train directly to Naples.

This escape focused on 3 locations: Naples and the islands of Capri and Procida.

Capri was the peak experience, where I had a wicked encounter with an angry black snake that attacked me.

Otherwise: plenty of urban exploration experiences in "dangerous" Naples and a few hour-long wandering on the nearby island of Procida.

Scenic sights, real Italian pizza, boat trips, palm trees, shady streets, police everywhere in Naples, overflowing luxury on Capri...
And that angry snake attack...

I still remember this as one of my most memorable trips ever.

Hopefully my escape guide can inspire you and help you plan your trip to this thrilling region of Italy!

My Trip to Temperamental Naples

Naples trip

Naples is unlike any other city. Famous for its pizzas, nearby volcanoes (with prominent Vesuvius in in the background) and of course - it's a mafia nest. This is where the Camorra operates.

Warm, but dangerous Naples is quite diverse, but exploring it requires a lot of walking.

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Capri - the "Gem Island"

Capri island trip

It's in the same category as Nice, Malibu, Cannes... It's a roaming nest of the rich. It's a splurge high-end destination.

Capri is one of its kind with spectacular views, cute old architecture. Intimate. But it's filled with curious crowds and prices are sky high...

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Procida: Quiet and Colourful

Procida trip

The smallest island in the Bay of Naples can be easily reached by fast boat... but gosh, those boats are often so late!

Take your time when on Procida. colourful beautiful island with no crowds (unlike Capri), but vast network of streets to get lost in.

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