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My Escapes Italy Rome Alternate Route Through Rome to Naples

Alternate Route Through Rome to Naples

August 22, 2015

The heart of the former Roman Empire was Rome - the culturally rich Italian capital needs no introduction.
Too bad I was only passing through...
If you ever get in this situation of spending merely a few hours in Rome, then consult this guide.

Because "all the roads lead to Rome", I had to stop over in Rome to take the train to my desired destination: Naples!

Shortly: Air Malta had canceled my flight without notifying me, but luckily I was able to get out of Malta via Rome and still reach my planned destination: Naples.

I only had about 2 hours to spend in Rome and I spent over an hour and a half carrying my large bag from the Colosseum back to the train station where I had left from (wicked).

Rain had fallen on the streets before my arrival. Little did I know that my stroll back to the station from the Colosseum was to be a lot harder: there was a slight, but very long slope almost all the way!

The area around the Termini Train Station looked worn-down and shady creeps were roaming around. My sense of security could have been better. It's a "great place" for getting mugged, robbed, even stabbed! Especially during the wrong time of the day.
But I was actually on my way to Naples, famous for its mobs and that city does a lot worse in crime stats than Rome!

Rome is a great city though, but without the elegance and cleanliness that I saw a few weeks earlier in Venice, where I often walked until late at night.

Fiumicino Airport Chaos After Canceled Flight

Rome airport

Oh my dear Lord: Air Malta canceled my flight to Naples without telling me... finally, I managed to catch an easyJet flight to Rome and the take the train to Naples.

My humble thoughts about all this rigmarole...


Stop-over Stroll in Rome and the Colosseum

Short Rome escape

All I really got to see in Rome was the Colosseum. What else would be more important?

Had about 2 hours time between my arrival flight and my departing train to Naples. So: I dragged my luggage from the train station to the Colosseum, which wasn't that far away!


Riding the Frecciarossa From Rome to Naples

Train from Rome to Naples

Smooth ride, indeed. Comfy train.

The Frecciarossa and the Frecciargento are Italy's express trains. Like the TGV in France or the Shinkansen in Japan... Just that my train was a bit slower (hey, it's Italy!).


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