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My Escapes Italy Floating Worlds - Venice, Murano, Burano, Torcello

Floating Worlds - Venice, Murano, Burano, Torcello

December 30, 2012
June 10, 2015

Shortly after seeing the film "The Tourist" in early 2011, my desire had propelled me straight to the legendary Venice!
I set off in May and thoroughly visited Venice. In addition came the short escapes to Murano, Burano and Torcello islands nearby.

Although this trip was taken in May 2011, I believe my escape stands the test of time.
Some places barely change and Venice is pretty much the same as it was 500 years ago, don't worry.

My Venice trip packs advice on the attractions to visit, even on eating and drinking.

I was lucky enough to have found accommodation within Venice. It's best if you can stay in Venice (not on the mainland) - it will be easier to walk around and get in and out whenever you please.
Don't waste time, it's a thrilling place requiring time for thorough exploration...

View my escape huides for Venice, Murano, Burano, Torcello below...

What Motivated Me to Visit Venice?

Why I visited Venice...

As I expressed in the intro line - the trigger was "The Tourist". But of course, there were other factors that influenced me as well...

I've seen it in so many movies and now I got the chance to feel a little bit like in one of those movies!


The City of Lagoons and Channels is an Island!

Venice - The City of Lagoons

Venice isn't just a labyrinth of water channels on which gondolas sail. It's an island in the Mediterranean!
Not many know this... Did you?
Actually, from the mainland you can get in through a causeway, which connects Venice via rail and road.


How I Got In & Out of Venice

Getting in and out of Venice

Shortly: I flew in to Treviso Airport (where most low cost airlines fly to), then I took a bus right to Venice's Piazzale Roma.

Luckily, my hotel was 10-15 minutes walking distance away only!


The Look and Feel of Venice

The Look and Feel of Venice<

How does it feel like to be in Venice?

The overall atmosphere, the elegant architecture, the serene romantic areas, the dense noisy tourist crowds, the algae-covered stinking water-washed house walls, the smoothly sliding gondolas... are all ingredients of the Venetian atmosphere!


Finding the Main Attractions of Venice

Venice's top attractions list and guide

I had enough time, energy and effort to visit most of them.

But Venice is vast... I can tell you, my almost 3 days were barely enough to see most primary attractions. So much was left behind unvisited. But: next time!


Along the Canal Grande

The Canal Grande

It's sort of "the main road" of Venice, but it's a water canal. The winding wide Canal Grande crosses the city in the middle and it has that snake-like shape on the map.

Some of the most beautiful palaces and views are located along it. And, the most beautiful bridge of Rialto also runs across it.


The Bridges of Venice

Venice's bridges

There are several more important ones, like the old Rialto Bridge, the modern Calatrava Bridge, the Ponte degli Scalzi... but a vast number of tiny bridges connecting the pieces of land together...

Photos with my thoughts and more...


Getting Around in the Labyrinth of Venice

Getting around in Venice - Transportation

Strangely: the best way to get around in the city of water channels is by foot! Pieces of dry land are interconnected like a labyrinth!
Contrary to what many would think - gondolas are not good options for getting around, they're mere romantic attractions.

Understand how to get around in Venice - read this!


Munch 'n' Brunch in Venice

Easting & drinking

Nothing particularly impressive about my Venice food & drinks experiences... I tried a few humble things from mojitos sold on the street to eating fast food.

Food wasn't on my priorities list, because I had very little time in Venice. But here's what I saw, what I ate and drank...


Spotting Boats, Ships, Gondolas

Spotting boats, ships, gondolas

The gondolas are iconic, but there are those beautiful vintage-looking wooden motor boats. Yes, the ones that we see in movies so often!

Venice was quite an exciting place for vehicle-spotting, see photos here...


Hotel Universo e Nord, Venice - Review

Hotel Universo e Nord

I picked this strategically and it was quite a good place to stay. One of the best locations: water bus station was near, shops and restaurants, the bus and train stations as well.

See more details with photos in this personal review...


Boat Trip to Murano, Burano and Torcello

Boat trip around Venice

I took a short guided boat tour from near the Dodge's Palace... They took us to the nearby islands of Murano, Burano, Torcello.

Murano and Burano are essentially "two other little Venices" - specific attractions, beautiful views and very expensive souvenirs!
Torcello was less exciting, but has some ancient ruins on it.


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