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My Escapes Malta Rocky Dry Malta Trip Floriana Floriana Walkthrough

Floriana Walkthrough

April 29, 2015

Floriana is the only town directly bordering the capital of Valletta, Malta.
I did not plan to visit Floriana, I just walked through it inevitably - and I think it's worth a few words and photos...

You can barely observe that this is not Valletta... It embeds well into the scenery, it felt just like a mere neighbourhood of the capital, but Floriana is in fact another town.
...named after an Italian military engineer (Pietro Paolo Floriani), who designed the fortifications protecting it.

St. Publius Church

St. Publius Church

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My experience in Floriana was limited to this walk-through. I was going home from Valletta, and along the way I spotted a few attractions. Among which, this St. Publius Church (seen above)...

An old citizen invited me in. A ceremony was undergoing...
After checking it out briefly, I walked further to encounter this at the end of the road:

Methodist Church

The Methodist Church

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This was the Neo-Gothic Methodist Church of Floriana, whose real name is Robert Samut Hall, built between 1881-1883.

This was the first Maltese church to have used electricity - in 1883.

Sarria Church

The Sarria Church is a rotunda

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Love the strong Gothic feel and it actually looks quite robust.

...Gotham City feel again?

Not very far from it was this rotunda, known as the Sarria Church.

It was designed by the famous artist Mattia Preti and this makes it valuable. But its looks didn't impress me at all.

In fact, I think the xarabank passing in front of it looks a lot a heck-of-a-lot sexier.

Boring design... forgive my expression.

This round church is actually a late 17th century replacement for the original chapel that was built at this location in 1585.

Besides a few cats patrolling the area, there wasn't much movement here.

I was heading out of Floriana...

The place is just as massively fortified as Valletta is...

It was actually weird getting out through the curves, serpentines of a right-hand drive system road where there was no special place for pedestrians... or wandering travelers...

Exit arch

I call this "the exit arch"

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As first, I took the wrong lane: descending on the right side and "woke up" with the cars speeding right towards me in the curves.

If you go on the left, it's better. That way you won't be surprised to find yourself in front of a speeding car. But it'll still be dangerous in the curves, because the cars could then slam you from behind!

Bicycle parking

Very ingenious bicycle parking spot

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The Maltese are ingenious.
Just look at this bike "hanger" - "parking lot" to chain your bicycle to.


This was my Floriana experience.

Humble. Simple.

Much more exciting were my other experiences during this Malta trip.

Escape Hunter

About the Author:

Escape Hunter, the young solo traveler in his early 30's explores the World driven by curiosity, thirst for adventure, deep passion for beauty, love for freedom and diversity.
With a nuanced, even humorous approach to travel, an obsession for art and design, Escape Hunter prefers to travel slowly, in order to learn and "soak up" the local atmosphere...


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