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My Escapes Malta Rocky Dry Malta Trip

Rocky Dry Malta Trip

April 29, 2015

A strange little world with a unique culture and strong Christian heritage that we quite often overlook due to its size.
I'm talking about Malta.
It was tickling my curiosity, so I just had to go... Here's my Malta escape!

Let me start by underlining that I enjoyed my Malta escape tremendously.

The places felt very strange, but in a good way.

Eclectic historical atmosphere emanating from all around... being surrounded by "all rock" houses and finding my way across tremendously thick fortress walls was something I never experienced before.

Although Malta is not among the best places for beach holidays, it has appealing scenery and boasts with a plenitude of ancient monuments. Churches, fortresses at every step...

Join me in exploring the islands of Malta and Gozo - the two biggest pieces of land that compose the tiny country!

Malta Island Explorations

Trip to Malta Island

Within this section you'll find not only individual articles, but entire trip sections to various towns, cities of the main island of Malta.

This section contains most of my Malta trip material. Enjoy!

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Gozo Island Day Trip

Gozo Island Trip

I took a single day trip from Sliema across Malta to cross by ferry to Gozo, where I burned most of the day's time until the early evening.

Gozo is a wonderful island, so very different from the main one (Malta).

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Strange Beautiful Things About Malta

Things to know about Malta

It's so dry, you'd wonder how a civilization could thrive here... and it's impressively heavily fortified.

Maltese language is a unique language and one of the most popular traditional meals includes rabbit meat.
Oh, and they even have a skyscraper. Yes, one!


The Maltese "Xarabank" Vintage Buses

The Maltese buses

I was lucky enough to be able to ride and take photos of Malta's vintage yellow buses, which were withdrawn them from service two months after my trip to Malta.
This article is dedicated to the beautiful and legendary Maltese vintage buses!


Malta Boat & Ship Spotting

Boats and ships of Malta

There were quite a few interesting boats, ships in Malta's waters, so I came up with this page.


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