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Malta Island Explorations

April 29, 2015

I had a few days to spend on Malta and I chose several places to explore. In case you're wandering what you should visit on the main island, then this guide can be to your use.

I set my base in Sliema - I had my hotel there near the shore, along a main road. The location proved to be excellent for reaching the nearby places (mainly St.Julian's and Valletta) and there even was a larger bus station in southeastern Sliema. From there, I was able to get to the Dingli cliffs and the Ferry from Malta to Gozo.

Malta - the main island, contains the vast majority of attractions, so I burned most of my time there.

You can access all of my Malta Island explorations directly below.

Besides these, additional interesting material about my Gozo Island day trip complement my overall Malta (country) escape.

Sliema Walkaround: Attractions and Impressions

Sliema, Malta

I chose to stay at a hotel near the shore in Sliema.
It's not among the most interesting cities of Malta, but a little exploration has revealed a bunch of "urban delicacies".


Valletta's Top Attractions

Visiting Valletta

Valletta is the most heavily fortified city that I've ever seen.
Actually, Malta's capital is an entire thick fortification, which even in the 21st century would be very hard to conquer.

I explored, wandered around... here's what I've found!


Floriana Walkthrough

Floriana, Malta

Perhaps the best thing to do in Valletta is to visit the main churches. Basilicas, cathedrals, parishes...
Some have stunning interiors. The experience is different from visiting other churches in continental Europe. So, don't leave this out!


Exploring St. Julian's

St. Julian's

St. Julian's offers pleasant walks around its bays - it's a place for spotting the beautiful traditional painted Maltese fishing boats and, restaurants are also abundant.


Visiting Mdina

Mdina, Malta

A village with an impressive fort, just outside the town of Mdina in southern Malta.

You can get the bus from here to the Dingli Cliffs.
I only stopped over...


Rabat Pass-through

Rabat, Malta

Just passin' through.
Humble travel experience about my transit through Rabat, Malta.


The Dingli Cliffs

The Dingli Cliffs

Malta's highest point (253 m) is found in this area - the Dingli Cliffs.
If you want to see the sky blending together with the sea, then visit the Dingli Cliffs.

Great views, but you might get burned by the sun or freeze in the wind or... both!


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