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My Escapes Malta Rocky Dry Malta Trip Rabat Rabat Pass-through

Rabat Pass-through

April 29, 2015

On my way to Mdina I passed through Rabat and I can't help mentioning a few of the buildings I saw around the bus station...

I was merely passing through Rabat - entirely stuck together with the ancient fortified Mdina... Which is the major attraction here (and my target destination).

While waiting (for ages) for my buses, I enjoyed strolling around, contemplating the elegance of the house rows, a small pink Baroque building and the ruined old Casino building at the street corner.

Casino Notabile - Mdina, Malta

The Casino Notabile, built in 1877 - it was a (tiny) club for the high society.
In 2014 they were still planning its restoration. My photo was taken in May 2011.

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Pink Baroque building

Pink Baroque artwork near the parking area

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Baroque building in Mdina

Reminds me of Portuguese Baroque

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House row in Mdina

House row...

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