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My Escapes Portugal Funchal Escape to Lush Green Madeira Do Chafariz Hotel, Funchal - Review

Do Chafariz Hotel, Funchal - Review

January 23, 2014
October 14, 2014

The hotel was located in a building right on the Largo do Charafiz. Which is without any doubt, one of the best locations to stay at. It was cheap, breakfast was great, staff exceptionally kind! I'd certainly recommend the hotel to anyone else who travels to Funchal!

Location (10)

The best location that could come to my mind when it comes to Funchal! I just dropped-in and they had an available room, it was great!

Look & Feel (10)

Everything in order, all fine, no negative aspect about it. Felt comfortable from all points-of-view!

Cleanliness (10)

Couldn't get cleaner than this! No trace of anything dirty, not a single piece of hair anywhere!
Very clean, very very well-maintained. Cleaner staff even put my clothes in bigger order than I had left them, which was a great surprise, indeed!

Room Comfort (7)

I had to stay with the light on during the day, because I had an internal window room!
Ventilation was poor and it got so warm and there was no air, no air conditioner, so I had to periodically ventilate by waving the entrance door!

Otherwise, the bed was great, very comfortable!

I also remember having the power plug too far away, so I couldn't simply leave my laptop plugged in and sit back and hold it, I had to stretch closer to the plug. They should have put a plug closer to the bed.
Also for mobile phone charging, it wasn't comfortable...

Facilities, Equipment (7)

It was too bad that there was no internet. Staff was very kind to offer me to use their internet connection, but I refused, as I needed it for a longer time.

A lot could be improved in this area: the TV was pretty old, worn-down and only a few Portuguese, Venezuelan channels were set. At least I was able to see what Hugo Chavez was up to at that time...

I honestly don't watch much TV and certainly not politics, but at times I did turn the "box" on.

Staff (8)

Among the kindest I ever met at a hotel. Kinder than required, exceptionally friendly!
Hotel do Charfariz is one of the kindest hotels I've ever been to!

Breakfast (10)

Very good, delicious breakfast with a huge hot chocolate (I could have asked for a coffee as well), ham, cheese and delicious local bread and a few other elements like apples.

What I loved a lot was the top floor where they served the breakfast. From up there I was able to enjoy the views. Through the windows I could see above the nearby lower-height buildings, I could observe the beautiful distant parts on the mountains parts of Funchal!

Value for Money (8)

Very good value for money, indeed!
The price of 35 euros per night was a bargain for what I got there! Very good hotel, would love to stay at it again!

Final overall score: 8.75

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