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My Escapes Portugal Funchal Escape to Lush Green Madeira Hotel do Centro, Funchal - Review

Hotel do Centro, Funchal - Review

January 23, 2014
October 14, 2014

I booked this hotel despite having read a few negative reviews about it (because it seemed to me, it might still fit into the "OK for budget trips" category).

I encountered insects in the room, so I left.

Why are insects so bad except the fact that they are ugly, disgusting?

They sprad diseases, they get into your bags and belongings and you'll very probably bring them home with you, where they lay their eggs and multiply!
They also tend to like crawling into electrical equipment (like through my laptop cooler's orifices) and they can create short-circuits.

Very bad experience at this hotel. I wouldn't recommend it.

So, here's my review of Hotel do Centro in Funchal, Madeira.

Location (8)

Rua do Carmo is not bad, you can walk out to the beach, the center. But it's a bit away and not many very interesting stuff are around.

Look & Feel (6)

At first it felt good. Even in the lobby, even in the elevator. It felt a bit old, run-down.
But when entering the room, my impression changed into much worse.

Cleanliness (5)

Serious issues here with run-down old equipment and INSECTS!
Some might call them bed bugs, to me they were rather similar to cockroaches, but much smaller.

First I saw 1-2, then I saw 3-4 more and more and more. I supposed I "met" at least 10 just during my 10 minutes in the room!

I LOST MY APPETITE and checked out!

Room Comfort (5)

Bad air, very poor ventilation and the insects I mentioned above.

No internet in the room (but the didn't mention on the site that WiFi only worked in the lobby).

Bed was huge, seemed comfy.

Almost everything seemed very old, like from the 1970's or something...

Facilities, Equipment (7)

WiFi only worked in the lobby. When booking online it seemed like I would have internet in my room.

Bathroom looke quite fine, but that was the place where I saw the insects first!

Very nice modern elevator, though!

Staff (5)

Ignorant guy at the reception didn't speak English.

Wasn't very helpful. Conversation took a lot of time, probably an hour. He talked to me, called on the phone 2-3 times (probably to his manager), slowly he let me go and promised me they wouldn't charge me.

Breakfast (-)

I didn't stay, so I didn't count this in my review. I wouldn't have had any appetite with those crawling things around...

Value for Money (5)

Insects pulled the points down to 5, but I still say it has a good elevator, relatively well-situated. But you will lose your appetite and I don't suppose you'll want to sleep with bugs!

Final overall score: 5.85

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