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My Escapes Portugal Another Lovely Trip to Portugal! Costa da Caparica Staying at Costa da Caparica

Staying at Costa da Caparica

September 11, 2014
April 29, 2015

After the previous day's experience, I was getting ready for a stay of two full days at Costa da Caparica.
I would have wanted to spend more days in Lisbon, which I fell in love with, but my Caparica hotel was already booked, so I was anchored...

The good side of this was that being accommodated there helped me really absorb the atmosphere.
I had more time to contemplate the architecture in the town, take long beach walks and... even scan the sand for fossils!

Lucky me, this time the sbus ticket office at Areeiro (Lisbon) was open and I was able to buy myself a 5 EUR ticket which included 3 trips, so my bus ride to- and from Costa da Caparica turned out cheaper than the short trip the day before.

During my stay, each morning until about 11 o'clock, Caparica received light rain from above. But luckily the water sprinkle halted in time, so I was able to enjoy the beach.

The weather was fine, the sky was almost entirely clear blue, the sun was strong.
A few (occasional) cold winds did hit me during my bare-footed beach strolls.
It wasn't the first time I experienced the cold Atlantic winds. The come out of nowhere and can be piercing cold.

Wandering in the Town

Costa da Caparica town

The town of Costa da Caparica only exists since 2004 and it has more than 13,000 inhabitants.

A few strolls revealed some of the most interesting buildings - mostly holiday homes. Cute, small, nice little cozy houses.


Enjoying the Sun at the Beach

Sun at Costa da Caparica

The sunlight was strong, but occasional cold winds swept across the beach. Water? Terribly ice-cold!
It's the Atlantic, this is Portugal, it's not Thailand...

Quite surprisingly, there weren't quite that many people out at the beach.


Weird Caparica Shells

Caparica shells

I've never seen such weird seashells in my life... long, straight and rather thin, stick-like shells.
Although I've been previously to Atlantic and Mediterranean beaches, I haven't come across any shells like these.


Look, I've Found a Fossil!

Caparica fossil rock

On my last (second) day I came across something I actually thought I might find: a fossil.
I was purposely scanning the beach with my eyes and behold: a wicked little brown rock that might contain a fossil...


Costa da Caparica Munch 'n' Brunch

Eating and drinking

It's not an overall great place for eating out, so I focused on simpler options - like kebab and pastry products.

I just didn't want to risk consuming smelly seafood in that hot hot weather, it didn't feel appropriate.


Costa da Caparica Vehicle Spotting


Couldn't omit the vehicles this time either, although there was nothing very impressive - but the shape of the boats is worth taking a good look.


My Final Thoughts and Feelings About Costa da Caparica

Final thoughts...

Overall, it was a nice experience, but nothing very impressive. It was new, I needed that, but I reckon a single day there would have been enough.

It's not a "top of the line" beach destination, but there are some interesting things to see and do...


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