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My Escapes Portugal Another Lovely Trip to Portugal! Cascais Small, But Beautiful Cascais

Small, But Beautiful Cascais

September 11, 2014
April 29, 2015

On my last day I was about to fly out at around midnight, but I couldn't skip visiting the beautiful town of Cascais.
It takes little effort getting there and no trip to the Lisbon area is complete without it.

Cascais has roughly 35,000 inhabitants and it's one of the top vacation hotspots in the Lisbon area.

It used to be a fishing village, but in the 19th century it became the Portuguese royal family's holiday resort. Since then, more and more rich have moved in and has become a trendy high-end destination, which also attracts a lot of foreigners.

While in Cascais, I came across a yacht marina - quite large, especially if I take account of the town's small size. Of course, those who don't want to sail through the large Rio Tejo will ideally want to dock their boat at Cascais.

Cascais is also a golfing paradise. There are more than 10 golf courses there.

Motor racing events (involving racing cars or motorcycles) also take place here...

The views of I saw in this little town were breathtaking, but I also enjoyed walking on the cute streets of the colourful historic district.

I reached Cascais by regional train from Lisbon's Cais do Sodré railway station. A trip like this should take 35-50 minutes. It cost me only 2.15 EUR one way.

"Da Fish iz Fryzing"

Cascais McDonald's

As I exited the train station at Cascais, I felt and strong hunger. A McDonald's was right on the other side of the roundabout, so I went in there for small brunch.


Cascais, a Splendid Place Indeed

Buildings in Cascais

It's a cute little town with beautiful well-maintained houses and palaces, even. I could walk for more than just hours, days even.
But sadly, all I had were a coupple of hours to spend before heading further to Estoril.


Nossa Senhora da Luz Fortress

Fortress in Cascais

The Nossa Senhora da Luz Fortress is huge seaside establishment that served as a defense installation of the coast against mainly English, French troops and pirates.


The Cascais Yacht Marina and Boat Names

Cascais yacht marina

Cascais has a marina with lots and lots of boats. This is mainly because of its location - at the mouth of Rio Tejo, but already on the ocean shore.


Cascais Street Vehicle Spotting

Cascais vehicle spotting

Cascais has humble little streets, but traffic often gets intense.
There were a few interesting cars, which passed...


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