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My Escapes Portugal Another Lovely Trip to Portugal! Estoril Estoril Walkaround

Estoril Walkaround

September 11, 2014

For a long time, Estoril has been renowned for its wonderful climatic conditions, beautiful coastal placement, so the rich quickly discovered it and settled in!
Of course, I couldn't leave Estoril out, so here's my walkaround experience...

In 2011, it had just over 26,000 inhabitants - fairly small. About 25 km from Lisbon and a train or car journey takes around 30-40 minutes.

It's an ocean-side town. But it's one boasting with high-end villas, luxury hotels and a huge casino complex.

This is where many of the rich Portuguese own vacation homes or try their luck at the local casino complex.

Besides the rich, even some political personalities have found refuge in Estoril.

I have come across a number of small fortresses, which hold memory of French, Spanish and English pirate attacks. One might think they're modern imitations, but no - these are genuine "mini fortifications" found along Estoril's coast.

To get to Estoril I took the train from Lisbon's Cais do Sodré to Cascais first, then a short train ride back to the Monte Estoril train station - from there I walked around.
I had little time left, so I felt a bit like I needed another escape there some time in the future.

Living in the Estoril-Cascais area is expensive. It's the nest of the rich, but even the low budget traveler can take a dip and experience the area.

Here's what I've experienced in Estoril...

My Impressions and Feelings About Estoril

Impressions, feelings

I spent probably around 3 hours walking around in Estoril only, but I wish I had more time.

It certainly left me with a good impression. The scenery is beautiful, it's quite - a good exotic retreat area. I agree with the rich, I know why they love it.


Not Much Sandy Beach at Estoril...

Estoril beach

Undoubtedly it's a beautiful beach area - but one that lacks vast beaches.

There are a few strips of sandy beaches (small and usually crowded), but the ground is rather rocky, so swimming can be dangerous.


Estoril's Cute Little Fortresses

Cute little fortresses

Rarely will you encounter a collection of so many cute little fortresses, as you will at Estoril. They're all real and ancient, they're not replicas!
Here are the names you should search for.


Staring at Infinity and a Sense of Freedom

Ocean's infinity

Some of the best moments that I can recall about my travels are the ones about staring into the infinity horizon.

I have am especially attracted by pier, beaches, sea cliffs, lake shores...


The Not Another Guest House

Not Another Guest House, Estoril

I came across an interesting guest house while walking around in Estoril.
The Vila Guest house is architecturally typically Basque - as the staff told me and what's also interesting is that it used to be the home of Hungary's exiled Governor - Miklós Horthy, who was a WW I and WW II personality.


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