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My Escapes Portugal Lisbon Short Stop-over in Lisbon

Short Stop-over in Lisbon

January 23, 2013

It's not a "real" trip, but rather a series of experiences that I had during my travels between Madeira and Barcelona. Lisbon had the connecting airport...
On my "go" trip I had little time, which I spent at the airport. But on my "return" trip I did enjoy a 3 hour-long exploration of central Lisbon!

This was an "in between" experience that I can't omit from my journal, although it was a rather superficial and short experience between my Barcelona and Madeira trips.

Lisbon is definitely a city worth visiting and I told myself I'll dedicate a longer time to it in the future...

Short Lisbon Exploration

Lisbon short exploration

I had roughly 3 hours to explore Lisbon after having landed. I took advantage of this and went straight to the city center to see the famous Castle of São Jorge.

Fantastic views, beautiful old buildings, shady creeps and dangerous-looking slumish streets...


Returning to the Airport...

Getting back to the airport

It was fun, it was warm, but Lisbon felt a bit dangerous...

This is a short retrospective of my way back to the airport to catch my flight to Barcelona...


ERJ-145 Flight Back to Barcelona

Flight to Barcelona

So, the time was there to board my plane and take a flight back to sprawling Barcelona!

This was my first ever flight with an Embraer ERJ-145 jet. Here's the humble experience...


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