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My Escapes Portugal Another Lovely Trip to Portugal! Lisbon In Lisbon Again

In Lisbon Again

September 11, 2014

I traveled back to Lisbon for another few days, but this time I was concentrating on are towns in the vicinity.
A bit more exploration in Lisbon, some more eating around and many more photos...

Ironically, the period after my return was consumed mostly on Belém, Sintra, Cascais, Estoril, which are among the "not to miss" localities in the proximity of Lisbon. I could I have left those beautiful places out?

The time has allowed me to explore further and see the remaining attractions that I had pinned on my map - like: The National Pantheon, The Parque das Naçoes, The Military Museum and others.

Ironically, during this Portugese escape trip I couldn't find time to visit the São Jorge Fortress... 6 years later I would have wanted to see whether there still is a colony of cats up there, to see how much the skyline of Lisbon has changed.

Indeed, ironically the only major attraction that I was able to visit 6 years ago - was the one that I was forced to leave out.
(You can view my visit to Lisbon in 2008).

The Azulejo Museum

Azulejo Museum

Portugal's azulejo ceramic tiles are iconic. Don't leave the country before visiting the Azulejo Museum and learning more about the types of tiles, their history and how they're made.


The Military Museum

The Military Museum

The beautiful military museum in Lisbon has stunned me. Not just the exposed items, but also the beautiful decorations on its walls are worth taking the time to admire.

The guard told me there are 36 rooms. Plenty of time is needed, don't hurry.


The Beautiful Rossio Station

The Beautiful Rossio Station

The late 19th century train station of Rossio is another gem of Portuguese architecture. Yet, as we've gotten used to it: most visitors don't even look it up!

Here's my Rossio Station experience!


The Church of Santa Engrácia

Santa Engrácia Church

The Portuguese National Pantheon has been established inside the Church of Santa Engrácia, found in the proximity of the Military Museum in Alfama.
Symbolical coffins of famous Portuguese personalities are found inside.


Mercado da Ribeira and the Cais do Sodré Area

Mercado da Ribeira

The area around the Cais do Sodré Railway Station is intriguing. It's famous for the night life, but there's also the beautiful Mercado da Ribeira.


Parque das Nações and My Cable Car Ride

Parque das Naçoes

This was the location of the 1998 World Exhibition. After that, this hypermodern area was integrated into the city of Lisbon.
Again, I took a lovely cable car ride...


The Vasco da Gama Tower and the Vasco da Gama Bridge

Vasco da Gama Tower and Bridge

Near the Parque das Naçoes is the huge 17.2 km long Vasco da Gama Bridge that runs at a staggering height of more than 155 m above Rio Tejo and, the beautiful Vasco da Gama Tower skyscraper.


The Cristiano Ronaldo Mania Amid the 2014 World Cup Fever

Cristiano Ronaldo

Everywhere I went I kept bumping into photos and products about this guy. There is a realy cult around Cristiano Ronaldo.

But sadly, Portugal didn't perform well during the 2014 World Cup and I felt sorry for them. "Pretty boy" only scored once and Portugal was eliminated at group stage.


The 25 de Abril Bridge

25 de Abril Bridge, Lisbon

Built in 1966, it's a marvel of civil engineering...
Lisbon's red bridge is analogue to San Francisco's Bay Bridge.
This one has a length of 2.27 km and runs at a height of over 70 m above water. Besides cars, huge heavy trains cross it making a tremendous noise.


Rio Tejo's Bay Area Looked Like a Sea

Rio Tejo's bay area

Lisbon's Rio Tejo (or River Tagus) has a mouth so wide, you might confuse it with the ocean! It forms an immense bay near Lisbon before finding its way out to the Atlantic Ocean.


Lisbon's Urban Fauna and its Shady Side

Lisbon's shady side

I can't omit returning to the subject of risks, threats in Lisbon. Although the central area didn't feel that bad, there still are threats.


Munchin' 'n' Brunchin' in Lisbon Again

Eating and drinking

Lisbon is a great place for eating and drinking.
Almost constantly running for attractions, I frequently resorted to fast food and other simple meals and I missed out on many original local delicacies.


Street Art at the Alcântara Railway Station

Amadora street art, Lisbon

As I was strolling back to Lisbon from Belém, I walked out to the Alcântara Mar station. The area was filthy slumish and plenty of shady creeps were roaming around, but there was beautiful street art in the tunnel under the railway lines.


Spotting More Vehicles in Lisbon

Vehicles in Lisbon

More cars and this time more boats as well.
I'm sorry I had no time to board one of those old heritage trams...


Flying Away From Lisbon...

Flying out from Lisbon

This trip has ended too and with some nostalgia, I was leaving Lisbon, leaving on a jet plane.

This is a page with photos of my meal and a few humble words about my feelings regarding Portugal.


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