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My Escapes Singapore Return to "Lion City" Flying to Kuala Lumpur

Flying to Kuala Lumpur

May 30, 2014

Initially I wanted to take the train from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, but I was talked down by fellow young Singaporean entrepreneurs... "it's boring", "it's a long journey", yada-yada-yada..., so I finally took the bird!

It was June 2011 and there still was a rail line connecting Singapore with Kuala Lumpur. But they were planning to remove them exactly that year!

Anyway, the trains were still operating, but some cool business people whom I met in Singapore talked me down - roughly 6 hour-long journey on a slow and low-tech train through a "boring landscape".

So, I decided to take the very short plane trip to Kuala Lumpur!
It only requires and hour to get there. 375 km on land, 320 km by plane, but the plane makes some "extra maneuvers" to make it seem longer. Otherwise, it would be doable in 20-30 minutes...

Changi Airport

At Changi Airport

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I don't know why they don't fly in directly. Perhaps it's because of the flight corridors or, they require more horizontal flight instead of just taking off and landing.

Ah well, so I had to rush it and book a plane ticket.
Just a few days before departure I managed to secure a place aboard a JetStar Airways plane (flight operated by Valuair with JetStar livery, though).

But, when I attempted online booking, my bank cards didn't work... A new security feature was developed by the banks (back home) and I was unable to use my cards, so I had to book at an agency.

Departures table

The 3rd on from the top is mine!

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By the way - JetStar Airways is from Australia. Valuair was their subsidiary at that time - plane fully painted in JetSTar livery, but a small blue text at the rear mentioned "Valuair".

Prior to boarding, they made us stand in separate rows. Those with priority entered the plane first and so on and so forth. But this embarking process was a lot more complicated than that.

This was the worst boarding I had ever witnessed until then.
It was time and effort-consuming. Ridiculous. And we departed about an hour too late! The rigmarole that I had to go through after landing is another story.

JetStar Airways plane

My bird!

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Escape Hunter

About the Author:

Escape Hunter, the young solo traveler in his early 30's explores the World driven by curiosity, thirst for adventure, deep passion for beauty, love for freedom and diversity.
With a nuanced, even humorous approach to travel, an obsession for art and design, Escape Hunter prefers to travel slowly, in order to learn and "soak up" the local atmosphere...


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