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My Escapes Singapore Return to "Lion City"

Return to "Lion City"

May 30, 2014
April 29, 2015

My multi-country Asian trip hasn't come to an end yet in Kuala Lumpur, from where I returned to Singapore for a few more days.
This time I already knew much about the awe-inspiring "Lion City", but I wanted to dig deeper, see more and perhaps repeat a few experiences...

This second trip was a bit shorter - a mere (almost) 5 full days.

I seized the opportunity to take more photos of "Lion City", check out a few remaining "hot locations" that I had pinned in my Google Earth program.

I visited Arab Street, finally managed to check out the great white Merlion statue (symbol of Singapore) and I even checked out the local cats (yes, the felines!). It's amazing how different house pets are facially from country-to-country!

In the end I got so caught up in the atmosphere, I nearly missed my flight back home!

Enjoy my articles about my second Singapore escape, below...

Daytime in the Singapore Chinatown


This time I headed out to Chinatown again, but during the day.

I explored a much larger area than previously during my first night in Singapore.

I found it odd how few people I had encountred on the street on the streets...


Arab Street

Arab Street

Another ethnic neighbourhood is Arab Street.

With a prominent beautiful mosque and well-maintained old houses along its narrow streets, it is captivating!


Orchard Road Shopping Paradise

Orchard Road

It's a bustling 2.2 km-long boulevard filled with shops, entertainment centers. If you haven't been to Orchard Road, you haven't seen Singapore!

There are more than 20 shopping centers, endless luxury shops, high-end hotels, fine places to eat at...


Mixed Street Adventures in Singapore

Mixed street adventures

I created this article specifically to publish photos taken in various different areas of the city - photos that immortalize the sights and moments.


Brunching in Singapore Again

Eating, drinking

I tried a few more foods during my second time in Singapore. Again, I brunched takoyaki and gyoza (my Japanese favourites), tasted some beers and other stuff as well...


I Just Couldn't Get Enough of the CBD!

Raffles City

Raffles became my main place to hang around. Just like the previous time, I spent long hours until darkness came, exploring and photographing the area...

I know it's more of a business district, but then again - there are many good places to eat, including Sau Pa Sat.


Paying a Visit to Merlion Park

Merlion park

Although I already saw the Merlion several times before, but from long distance (from the other side of the Marina Bay, even during my first visit), I had no time to check it out from up close.

I just had to visit it this time. Hey, it's the symbol of Singapore!


Wicked Traditional Medicine Shop

Strange medicine shop

Somewhere around the Outram Park area I had come across this weird traditional medicine shop selling all sorts of strange products. Including: animal horns, birds' nests...


What's All That Fuss About Durians?


Durians are a weird fruit that's both beloved and hated in Singapore. They look interesting, they're highly popular - some make cakes, even pancakes, juices out of them.
I bought a durian pancake and it tasted like vomit. Never again will I put that thing into my mouth!


This is How Singaporean Cats Look Like!

Singaporean cat

It's amazing how different cats are from one country to the others. The first time I noticed was during my visit visit to Spain, then to Portugal...

Well, I'm telling you... Singaporean cats are totally different from the kitties I've met in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Malta... or other countries...


Vehicle Spotting in Singapore Again

Vehicle spotting

This trip wasn't void of interesting vehicles, among which this funny little vehicle - most probably owned by a local homeless guy (are there any homeless in Singapore, by the way?).


Changi Airport

Changi Airport

Only when departing for Istanbul Atatürk Airport did I get to see the full splendour of Singapore's Changi Airport.

Under-the-roof green areas, lots of shops, places to eat and even some weird games to play...


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