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My Escapes Spain Barcelona Exploring Gaudí's Sprawling Surreal Barcelona

Exploring Gaudí's Sprawling Surreal Barcelona

December 6, 2013
January 23, 2015

My Barcelona trip was the first real escape trip I had taken. And this was the trip that took me off my feet and eventually inspired me to travel more! And more!
The photos, videos of Barcelona never dig deep enough. The city proved to be astoundingly beautiful, way beyond the depictions I've seen of it.
Here's my first escape trip - about the city I fell in love with, Barcelona - my favourite city!

I was hankering for relaxation after having earned my master's in international business.

Looking travel mates, I spent ages trying to convince friends to join me on a trip - but the "let's go somewhere on a trip" had no strong effect on anyone.
They were busy with studies, working or family or... they simply didn't like traveling. I couldn't believe my eyes and ears. But I was about to follow my dream - regardless of what others were thinking.

So, I took off for Barcelona!

I arrived in early September at night time and I found a wicked noisy-happy atmosphere in the centre, as I was dragging my wheelbag, looking for my hotel.

Everyone was out in the city like there was mass-party going on or something... Madness, but in the good sense.
Even the first few minutes felt great, uplifting.

On the following day I set out to discover Barcelona - I just ventured out, let myself be dragged deeper by curiosity and sense of adventure. I ended up exploring until late night, without focusing on any concrete attraction.

Here below you'll find a collection of experiences and photos.

The Look and Feel of Barcelona

colourful buildings in Barcelona

Yes, it's beautiful, colourful, boasting of art, but it has vast slums and plenty of shady creeps, rats running around.
It's a city of contrast and asymmetry. You can find good and bad, elegant and romantic places, but filthy urine-smelling slums as well.


Walking Down From Lesseps to Gràcia

Buildings in the Fontana area

Gràcia is an old cultural and shopping district of Barcelona. It was pretty near, so I proceeded to take a stroll down from Lesseps through Fontana, all the way down to the city center...

This was my first ever "look around walk" in Barcelona...


Casa Milà

Casa Milà

Don't you dare miss out on the Casa Milà - it's one of Barcelona's top assets and certainly one of the most beautiful museums in the city.

It is found in the trendy Gràcia shopping district, it's visible and easy to find. I first caught a glimpse of its roof from quite faraway...


Casa Batlló

Casa Batlló

The Casa Battló is the result of artists Antoni Gaudí and Josep Maria Jujol. The latter designed the interior and, Gaudí the exterior.

There is a lot more delicacy and more playful shapes in this building than in Casa Milà.


Barcelona, the Art Paradise

Artistical Barcelona

The city boasts with colourful art life and entertainment... I don't know if any other city could rival Barcelona in terms of arts and entertainment.

And when I say art, I don't just mean architecture, art galleries, but also music and even street art! In fact, it's vastly more: art is part of daily life here!


Plaça de Catalunya Area

Placa Catalunya

The main square of the city - one could say...
Although, there are several squares of similar dimension, none have this force of attraction.
Of course, it's in the centre, between many points of interest and major attractions. And there's a subway hub under the ground as well.


The Rambla and Port Vell

The port area of Barcelona

I walked down from Plaça de Catalunya to the port of Barcelona along the famous Rambla street... It's unlike any other area of the city, you have to see it!


Barri Gòtic and the Santa Eulàlia Cathedral of Barcelona

The Barri Gotic of Barcelona

It's the huge gothic quarter of Barcelona. Little did I know about how large the old town is... Plenty to discover and you'll most likely get lost in it! I did, many times!


Visiting the Sagrada Família Church

Sagrada Familia

Undoubtedly, it's the top attraction of Barcelona. Don't leave this city without visiting the four-towered church!

It' can be an ache to get up to the towers, though... I had to wait in line for 2.5 hours to get inside that elevator! But it was sure worth it... breathtaking views!


Hidden Architectural "Delicacies" in Barcelona

Casa Vicenc by Gaudi

There's far more to this city than the most advertised major buildings and neighbourhoods...

Walk the streets, explore the neihgborhoods and you'll be amazed to find places that are indeed worth some spotlight!


Gaudí's Surreal Güell Park

Guell Park

The Güell Park is among Antoni Gaudí's top creations, so I couldn't leave this one out, no matter what!

Crowded with visitors, this park is a delicate dreamland beyond words.


Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau

Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau

Can a hospital be a travel attraction?

It sure can be, just follow me as I explore the complex of an old Modernist hospital that's been transformed into a cultural complex.
Rarely visited place, by the way...


Eating and Drinking in Barcelona

Eating and drinking in Barcelona

You can't starve in Barcelona. Provided that you have enough money to eat around...

There are plenty of elite restaurants, but there are cheaper alternatives for budget travelers.


Vehicle Spotting in Barcelona

Vehicle spotting in Barcelona

I was always fascinated by unique, rare, even weird vehicles - both old and new!

Various wicked vehicles roam the streets of Barcelona... some of them are really weird.


Hotel Apsis Splendid, Barcelona - Review

Hotel Apsis Splendid, Barcelona

Because I arrived at night, I decided to pick a hotel near the Plaça de Catalunya area. So I chose the Apsis Splendind Hotel.

Elegant friendly staff, elegant hall, great bathroom! But the room was not so splendid!


Residència Erasmus Gràcia Hotel, Barcelona - Review

Residencia Erasmus Gracia

It's a students' residence. It would have been fine, except a few essential things, including the frequently not working internet.

Ah, well hotel review without photos this time...


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