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FAQ's - Answers to Questions that I Get Asked Frequently

December 6, 2013
October 27, 2014

People keep asking me a number of similar questions about my travels, so I decided to create an FAQ's section.
So, here are the most frequently asked questions with my answers under them...

Where are you from?

I'd prefer not to make this public.
It's mainly for marketing reasons. I think this also an advantage of my site's identity.

While almost every travel blogger shows his/her personal identity and location, I decided to hide mine and create an imaginary character.

Why anonymous, why travel "incognito"?

I believe writing as an anonymous traveler can be interesting and there's a certain mystery behind it.
This way, readers can relate to "Escape Hunter" much easier, no matter where they're from.

No, I don't have ugly scars. Yes, I am a real travel blogger.

Some told me it wouldn't work, but I like doing things differently and I believe the "Escape Hunter" character is a good site branding idea.

Which category of traveler are you? Which are your niches?

I'm not a backpacker, nor an only budget traveler. But there's a little of both in me.

I try spending less on travel, but most of the time I'm rather a mid-range traveler.

Not much splurge for me on my trips, but from time-to-time, I believe one has to make sacrifices - just for the fun of it.

I consider myself nuanced and curious. I like to squeeze as much out of my trips as possible. Maximizing the enjoyment by exploring deeper...

I think I'd fit into the following traveler categories:
urban explorer, solo traveler, culture vulture, art and architecture lover, foodie, travel photography enthusiast, vehicle spotter, business traveler, peace and quiet seeker.

What characterizes your way of traveling? What do you do on your trips?

You'll find complete information on the Escape Hunter info page.

Generally I travel solo, wandering on my own and exploring every little corner of any particular destination.
I dig deeper than most travelers and I adore discovering hidden attractions. I even hunt for street art and I spot vehicles.

I'm deeply passionate about culture and sights, I love photography, but I'm not professional. Hope to learn photography well in the near future.

Urban explorations excite me a lot. I take lots of photos (as much as 5,000-10,000 per week).

So, EscapeHunter.com is a travel blog and you're a travel blogger?

Although, I do say I'm a travel blogger, I'm also an internet marketer.

But EscapeHunter.com is a website, not a blog. I code it, I design it and maintain it myself. Technically it's made up differently than a blog, which uses a CMS system.
Mine is manually built up. But of course, my blog section is there and it's called "My Escapes".

How many countries have you been to?

Exactly 20 countries, so far. During my entire lifetime.
But, as Escape Hunter, I've been to 17. Some of which I've visited as often as 6 times (Spain).

To me, it's the experience that counts, the city, the region and the attractions are first, I am not necessarily aiming at countries.

I keep returning to some countries, revisiting or targeting new places.
Some of the countries I've visited multiple times: Spain - 6 times, Italy - 3 times, Singapore - 2 times, Turkey - 2 times.

Which is your favorite city?

Honestly it's hard to choose from so many beautiful cities where I've been to, but if I'd really have to pick one, then it's Singapore!
It's totally unique, very clean and unbelievably diverse. Locals are very friendly and despite have stayed there for almost 3 weeks, so many places remained unexplored!

You've been to several islands. Which is your favourite one?

I'm split over Madeira and Capri. Both are intriguing and very beautiful in their own way.

How many continents have you visited?

3 continents: Europe, Asia, Africa.

Which would be the top 3 places you'd recommend visiting?

Again - it's very hard choosing, but I think the top 3 most interesting would be: Singapore, Barcelona, the Island of Capri.

Which are your dream destinations for the future?

I'll name 3, but there would be vastly more.

Peru, Cuba and Brazil. All of them Latin-American.
I'm intrigued by Latin-America and Spanish language areas.

How many flights have you taken so far?

Exactly 50 flights during my entire lifetime. The biggest travelers have taken hundreds, I know.

I hope this number will grow to a lot higher.

Considering the fact that I've become an active traveler in 2008 only, I've taken the vast majority of these flights (over 40) in the interval 2008-2014.

When did you start traveling intensely?

Of course, I've been on various trips since I was a young kid, but I only REALLY started traveling at the age of 26.

It all started with an long-awaited vacation, which I had planned with a lot of sophistication. This was my first escape trip after long years of study and work.

The first trip took me to Barcelona, but once there, I felt so well, I also jumped further to the island of Madeira. It was lovely.
Ever since, I could not stop travelling. I caught the travel bug and it's still driving me!

Do you travel frequently?

I travel occasionally. Several times a year, but sometimes just a single time.
I'm not a constant traveler, but I strive to travel as often as possible.

Besides traveling, what do you work, what is you profession?

I'm an economist and I work as an online marketer, running my own business.
My major is international business relations and I own a master's in this field.

How do you like to travel? By plane, by road, by train or by ship?

All of them are interesting in their own way.

I think my top choices would be: plane and train. I like traveling by plane and train equally much.

I'm passionate about airplanes, but I can contemplate more on train trips, while buses take me deeper and ships feel most adventurous.

When traveling by plane, do you site by the aisle or by the window?

By the window, to catch the views.

What items do you bring on a long distance flight?

My netbook, a good book to read and some snacks.

Which accommodation type do you prefer using?

Hotels and vacation apartments.

I've never stayed at hostels, I prefer more privacy and sophistication. I know it costs substantially more, but I'm not ready to give up that much of my private space, nor of my comfort overall.

Which activities do you enjoy the most while traveling?

Taking photos, checking out the architecture, eating, spotting vehicles, interacting with locals and meeting other travelers.

Taking photos is one of my favourites. I immortalize moments, catch fine details of architecture, I also shoot from various angles. Thus, I'm capable of taking over 1.000 photos a day...

What items do you bring on a long distance flight?

My netbook, a good book to read and some snacks.

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