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Escape Hunter Terms & Policies General Terms & Conditions of Use

General Terms and Conditions of Use

1. Website Content, Usage and Memberships

1.1. Free Website Navigation without Membership
It's entirely (100 %) free to navigate on the site EscapeHunter.com.
This website requires no registration and no membership of any sort in order to be able to navigate across its free content pages.
Some limitation of free access may apply in case of certain services/parts of the content. Part of the website's content might require registration/membership and/or payment.

1.2. Memberships
EscapeHunter.com offers the possibility of joining Facebook and/or similar social media channels for free. These are not part of the website content, but are separate channels, hosted under their respective domain names.

2. Activities, Services Provided

2.1. Primary Activity
The primary activity of EscapeHunter.com is to provide free travel information.

2.2. Paid Services
EscapeHunter.com is able to provide paid services as well.
Paid services include: advertising services (on EscapeHunter.com and on social media channels), paid downloadable information (for instance: e-books etc.).
EscapeHunter.com reserves itself the right to modify the prices of its services at any time.
Advertisers, please consult the Advertising Policy for complete information regarding the respective activity.

3. Independent Activity

EscapeHunter.com is a fully independent website, one that's not owned, managed, run by any 3rd party, company whatsoever.
EscapeHunter's content is unbiased and reflects plentiful personal opinion and other information (within articles, reviews and various other means).
EscapeHunter.com is not intended to promote, nor privilege any selected party or group of interests - website, company, travel destination, whatsoever.

4. Responsibilities, Guarantees, Limitations:

4.1. Quality of Services, Accuracy of Information and/or Data

EscapeHunter.com does not guarantee the satisfaction of all its clients, viewers, users, 3rd parties, whatsoever.
The content of this website consists largely of information.
EscapeHunter.com does not guarantee the accuracy of information, data provided on its pages, but will do its best to provide the highest quality content possible.

4.2. No Responsibilities, No Guarantees Regarding 3rd Parties
EscapeHunter.com is not responsible for the services of 3rd parties that are mentioned, featured, advertised, recommended whatsoever on the Escape Hunter website. Each service provider has their own rules/regulations/policies/terms and therefore, EscapeHunter.com has absolutely no responsibility regarding their services, products, activities or conduct.

5. Ethics, Privacy, Security, Legal Issues

5.1. Ethics
EscapeHunter.com is an ethical website, it respects cultural, national/ethnic, religious diversity. This website is free from political and religious messages and is intended for providing travel information and related services, entertainment whatsoever.

5.2. Privacy
EscapeHunter.com respects the privacy of its users. For details, consult the Privacy Policy section.

5.3. Security
For security purposes we have means to record IP addresses and other data regarding visitor, user activity.
We do monitor the conduct of our users through various means. We will report/take legal action against anyone showing severely unethical, threatening whatsoever behaviour. We will share any data and information necessary with the authorities and/or the press, in case of unethical, immoral, abusive, threatening conduct whatsoever - if we consider necessary.

6. Changes to the Terms & Policies
EscapeHunter.com reserves itself the right to alter/modify/remove from- and/or add new parts to the "Terms & Policies", which comprises of the following sections: "General Terms and Conditions of Use", "Privacy Policy", "Advertising Policy", "Disclaimer".
In addition, the Copyright section deals with copyrighted content-related issues - these rules are also subject to change at any time.
EscapeHunter.com will periodically reviews and possibly modify the above-enumerated sections.

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