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Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy of EscapeHunter.com and contains details regarding our respect towards user/client/viewer privacy. Conditions, limits are included within this section.

1. Respect for Personal Information and Data
EscapeHunter.com deeply respects the personal lives and personal information and data of viewers/visitors, clients/partners/buyers/sellers, therefore this website and its social media channels do not publish , nor does it sell and/or freely pass-on personally identifiable information and/or data to 3rd parties.

2. Means to Collect, Record User Information and Data
EscapeHunter.com and its social media channels, as well as additional 3rd party means (e.g. Google Analytics software, e-mailing software/websites etc.) allows the dection, recording of certain user-related information and data (for instance: country, city/town/locality, IP address, browser-related and other information and/or data).

3. No Sale, No Publication, No Transfer of Personally Identifiable Information and/or Data Without Prior Consent
EscapeHunter.com does not share personally identifiable information and/or data with 3rd parties without prior consent - regardless whether freely or paid.
This site and its social media channels do not publish personally identifiable information and/or data without prior consent.

4. Right to Publish Non-personally Identifiable Data/Information
EscapeHunter.com reserves itself the right to publish, sell hand-over to third parties without payment of any non-personally identifiable data/information.

5. Examples Personal and Non-personal Data
Examples of non-personally identifiable information/data: country of residence, city/town/locality of residence, web browser characteristics (e.g. language used, type of browser, version of web browser etc.).
Personally identifiable information/data and other personal information/data include, but are not limited to: recognizable photos of someone's face, personal address, IP address, telephone number, e-mail address etc.

6. Legal, Security Issues Regarding Personal Information/Data
If any particular person and/or group is considered to pose a threat, EscapeHunter.com will hand over any personally identifiable information to the authorities and will take appropriate legal measures without any limitation, nor prior consent.

7. No Responsibilities, No Guarantees Regarding The Privacy Policies of 3rd Parties
EscapeHunter.com is not responsible for the privacy policies of any 3rd party either mentioned, featured, advertised or otherwise present by name, link or logo on this website and its social media channels.

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