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Escape Hunter About EscapeHunter.com Why Travel Anonymously?

Why Travel Anonymously

Escape Hunter is the "mystery traveler" who doesn't shows his face, doesn't tell us much about his identity... But why travel "incognito"?

Here are the top reasons why I travel:

Readers are able to put themselves in my place, see the World through my eyes
I'm not limited by cultural borders, nor do I want to place myself into the center of attention...

I'm culturally open-minded
The site encourages "thinking outside of the box", respectfully interacting with various cultures...
Because I have so many readers from around the World, I thought that being anonymous makes it easier for them to put themselves in my place.

The focus is on the trips, the experiences, not on me
The site is not so much about me, it's rather about my experiences

"Escape Hunter" more than just a pseudonym/"nickname"
The words reflect the thirst for travel adventure, therefore it also helps building a well-sounding suggestive brand for this site
There will always be people in this World who'd find my name difficult to pronounce, but most readers can keep "Escape Hunter" in mind.

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