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For any content rights-related information, please read through this page first.

No Right to Reproduce Content Without Prior Consent

All materials published, contained on EscapeHunter.com are copyrighted and may not be reproduced, borrowed, published, quoted partially, nor entirely, in their original form, nor modified on any other website, magazine etc. without prior consent from the respective material's owner(s).

Any publication, quotation or partial publication of any material found on this website without prior consent is prohibited!

Content Owned by EscapeHunter.com

Please note that the logo of this website, graphical elements of this website - excluding stock photography originating from other parties - are all owned by the owner of EscapeHunter.com.

All photos, illustrations published with the copyright watermark "EscapeHunter.com" are owned exclusively by the owner of EscapeHunter.com.

Textual content and videos by EscapeHunter.com are also the property of EscapeHunter.com and may not be used, reproduced, nor quoted without prior consent from the owner of this website.

External Content Published by EscapeHunter.com

Stock photography originating from other sources (other authors, other websites than EscapeHunter.com) can also be found on this website on various pages.
These are published with permission or they're freely distributed stock photos and/or illustrations.

The sources of third party imagery is mentioned under the article-containing images themselves. In some cases, you may find the reference either at the bottom of the page where the image(s) is/are displayed or, the source will appear on a new page after clicking on the image.

All third party material published on EscapeHunter.com is published by respecting the rights of their creators, authors, owners, respectively.

None of the content originating from other authors than EscapeHunter.com's owner are marked with "EscapeHunter.com" copyright labels, but not all photos, nor illustrations that aren't labeled originate from 3rd parties.

Sources of Externally-originating Content Published by EscapeHunter.com

For stock photography and illustrations, EscapeHunter.com uses iStockPhoto.com's services. Some of the material originating from that website is distributed freely, others are being paid for.

The material originating from iStockPhoto.com and published by EscapeHunter.com fully respects the terms, conditions, rules, rights or the respective authors and the distributor, seller, which is iStockPhoto.com.

EscapeHunter.com's owner has proof of purchase for the mentioned licensed material provided by iStockPhoto.com either freely or in exchange for payment.

This Website Doesn't Transfer Licensed Material Originating From External Sources

EscapeHunter.com doesn't other parties' imagery by publishing on other websites, not magazines.

EscapeHunter.com doesn't transfer the right to publish, re-publish material, which EscapeHunter.com has obtained from other sources (e.g. from iStockPhoto.com).

If you notice any of the photos, graphics, illustrations or textual content of EscapeHunter.com published elsewhere, on other websites, magazines, then please do contact this website - make sure you report them here.

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