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Escape Hunter About EscapeHunter.com

About EscapeHunter.com

December 30, 2012
June 7, 2015

EscapeHunter.com is a travel site dedicated to slow deep travel.
This site has a unique approach to travel and packs a vast number of travel guides, photos, travel reviews and other content.

Escape Hunter

Illustration based on source from: © iStock.com/MarkM73

EscapeHunter.com is owned and run by "Escape Hunter" - the mysterious solo traveler in his early 30's who explores the World driven by curiosity, thirst for culture, love for freedom and diversity.

Let me switch to 1st person now...

I chose to publish under the pseudonym of "Escape Hunter" primarily for marketing reasons, but also because I want you (the reader) to be able to put yourself in my place easily.

The focus is on the places, the exploration, the adventures, not on the author.

Escape Hunter is a home-grown venture, a personal site. But it targets the greater public.

Essentially, it's a general travel site, but one with a unique approach to travel.

Escape Hunter - the mysterious travel blogger

So, is this a blog?

Technically, it's not a blog. It's a travel site coded by hand, using no CMS system, but due to its blog-like design, it can also be called "a blog".

As "Escape Hunter", I do consider myself a travel blogger indeed.

Technically this is not a blog, but part of it can be considered one due to the style and build-up and, I consider myself a travel blogger as well).

My intention is to thoroughly explore the places I visit and share the experiences with my readers.
Basically, showing you how the destinations are "from inside".

EscapeHunter.com - the travel site

The idea of launching a site called "Escape Hunter" first appeared in my mind in 2007, but I was busy with other web-based project at that time.

EscapeHunter.com first tested the waters of the internet in very late 2012.
But, part of the content (articles and photos) goes back as far as 2008 - the year when I started traveling solo (as a traveler, not a tourist!).

The Escapes section is where you'll find the primary content: my travel experiences packed into "walkaround guides", which I call "escapes".

The escape trips are the backbone of the site.
Attached are the main sections called: Stream focusing on news and travel trends, Planning - which packs trip planning-related content, Guides - the destination guides section.

Step-by-step the site grows, the content gets richer. Old content also gets periodically checked, revised and updated - if necessary.

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