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December 6, 2013
March 4, 2018

How Will Brexit Influence Travel?


The UK is leaving the EU for good - the economic impact can already be felt, the influence on the travel will follow.

Digital Nomad Myths and Cold Hard Reality

Digital nomad realities

Live traveling the world and work from a laptop... Sun, fun, it's all under your control 'cause you're your own boss.
How much is true about the "perfect life" of digital nomads?

Airbus Might Halt the Production of A380's

Airbus 'Super Jumbo'

The A380's days might be numbered. Fewer orders in recent years might force Airbus to stop producing the giants.

Embark on the Digital Nomad
Coboat Adventure

Coboat trip

Embark this beautiful catamaran to co-work with other travelers and digital nomads... and just enjoy the swing of the waves!

Cuba: Why You Should Hurry to Visit


Visit Cuba now before it loses its special charisma.
As the country opens up to the World, its unique vintage beauty decays at an accelerated rate.

Maui's Regional Beauty -
Above & Below Water

Maui guide

Maui, the most notorious island of Hawaii is awaiting you for trekking, whale watching, snorkeling, diving... if you're less dynamical, there are spas as well.

My Thoughts on Planned Cities

Planned cities

Planned cities are pre-planned with the focus on perfection, yet they always lack something that real, organic cities have.

Budapest - the Thermal Bath &
Spa Capital of the World

Budapest's spas and thermal baths

Besides the elegance, the culture, the great views, the architecture and gastronomy... Budapest is a hotspot for spas and thermal baths. The best in the World!

Top 20 Safest Cities in the World

The World's safest cities

Which are the safest cities where you needn't worry much about your safety?
Could you guess the top, safest city?

How the Sagrada Família Will Look
When Finished

Sagrada Família

Gaudí's Sagrada Família church looks great already, but it will look very weird once the construction works will have finalized.


Venice Bans Wheeled Bags?

Wheeled bags banned in Venice

After they banned large cruise ships from crossing, news talked about the banning wheeled luggage. Allegedly, there were many complaints about the noise...
But, is this true?

Travel Trends in 2015

2015 travel trends

We're still in 2014, but in one of the least popular periods for traveling. Therefore, it's a good time to look ahead and check the trends for 2015.

Oil's Price is Down,
Could Flights Cost Less in 2015?

Oil price and airline tickets

Oil's price is falling. It's already at a 5-year low.
So, could we pay less on flights now?
It may sound like a nice dream, but there are some hopes. We can continue to dream on and hope for the best.

See Venice in 2015
Without the Big Cruise Ships

Venice cruise ship ban

Venice banned the heavy cruise ships from its Giudecca Canal, which crosses through the heart of the old "floating" city.
This will mean - next year could be a quieter year for visiting Venice. Less people started pouring in through cruise ships already.

The Nicaragua Canal's Construction
Gets Green Light

Nicaragua Canal

The Panama Canal's rival will cross southern Nicaragua and it's now official - the construction work will commence in December 2014.
But this new water channel could have devastating effects on the natural habitat.

Lord Murugan's Temple: the Batu Caves

The Batu Caves

Lord Murugan's gigantic gold-coloured statue guarding the entrance to the Batu Caves Hindu shrine is an unrivalled and breathtaking sight.
Let's see more about why the place is so special...

The Golden Pavilion in a
Serene Japanese Garden

Kinkaku-ji Temple

The Kinkaku-ji Temple is a gold-coloured pagoda set on a mini-island in a pond, found in a scenic green Japanese garden.
How much more beautiful can it get when visiting an Asian temple?

A New Hungarian Airline is Born: Sólyom

Sólyom Airways

Sólyom is Hungary's newest airline. Following the bankruptcy of Malév, a group of mysterious investors (Hungarians and allegedly with strong backing from the Middle East) have decided to lay the foundations of a new premium category carrier based in Budapest.

How the Web is Changing the Way We Travel

Online travel

Our habits have changed step-by-step with the appearance of online booking platforms, but web-based travel communities also alter the way we plan and travel.
The internet has changed the way we travel, but how exactly and what sort of profound changes are undergoing right now?

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