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Escape Hunter Stream Budapest - the Thermal Bath & Spa Capital of the World

Budapest - the Thermal Bath & Spa Capital of the World

February 11, 2015

Budapest is architecturally elegant, it is famous for its cuisine and cultural events, the alluring panorama of the hilly Danubian city...
But there's more to Budapest than just that: it has a huge number of spas and thermal baths. Budapest is in fact, "the thermal bath & spa capital of the World"!

There are countless hot springs (entirely natural sources of water), which feed dozens of spas and thermal baths in the city of Budapest.

No other city has so many and such beautiful old public baths as Budapest. Therefore the label "the spa capital of the World" or "the Capital of thermal baths"...

Budapest, Hungary

Source: © Morguefile.com/FidlerJan

What's interesting is that these baths are not merely facilities with warm pools of water. Their water has curative effects. These thermal baths are medicinal baths.
Each one with their specific composition of metals and minerals... and, some pools even have slightly radioactive water!

It was the Romans who first built public baths in this area, about 1,800 years ago.
Later, in 1600, under Ottoman rule, numerous Turkish baths have been built in Hungary. Some of these still stand today and they're both historic monuments with a special architectural value and, functioning baths.

As I mentioned, there are dozens and dozens of baths in Budapest, but more than a dozen of them stand out.

I'd personally recommend checking out the following four: Gellért, Széchenyi, Rudas, Király.

You'll find a complete guide to the best thermals baths in the Hungarian capital on this site.

And there's more about Hungary's spas and aquaparks on this other site.

Escape Hunter

About the Author:

Escape Hunter, the young solo traveler in his early 30's explores the World driven by curiosity, thirst for adventure, deep passion for beauty, love for freedom and diversity.
With a nuanced, even humorous approach to travel, an obsession for art and design, Escape Hunter prefers to travel slowly, in order to learn and "soak up" the local atmosphere...


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