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Escape Hunter My Escapes

My Escapes - Epic Stories of Travels Around the World

I started "seriously" traveling solo in 2008, after having earned my master's degree. Ever since, I couldn't hold myself back from traveling... Why should I?
My experiences are presented vividly with genuine photos under this section...

As I take more trips, I add more! The site just grows and grows!
Stay tuned and don't hesitate to follow me on Facebook, Twitter!

Cold Helsinki Business Trip

Port at dusk

The Finnish capital was cold indeed, but far more diverse architecturally and with a lot more shops and good places to eat than I previously imagined!

Helsinki is more beautiful than they say... But it's awfully expensive!

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Back to Barcelona!

Back to Barcelona!

I just couldn't get enough of that fabulous sprawling art-filled city!
As soon as I finished my explorations on Madeira, I headed back for more Barcelona. Checked out a few more attractions, but not even my second time was enough to satisfy me entirely!

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Short Stop-over in Lisbon

Lisbon short stop-over

I had roughly 3 hours to check out central Lisbon and take a few photos and I didn't want to waste my precious time.
This was the first time I ever set foot in the city of Lisbon.

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Escape to Lush Green Madeira

Madeira trip

I dropped-in to the foggy green Madeira Islands almost unprepared, following my first Barcelona escape... It was more of an impulse-driven trip.

Little did I know how beautiful this lush green exotic Portuguese island is. I strongly believe that Madeira too deserves more spotlight!

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Flight Connection in Lisbon

Portela Airport flight connection

I was flying from Barcelona to Funchal, Madeira. For my connecting flight I had to stop over in Lisbon.

Portela Airport was terribly disorganized.

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Valencia, Spain - A Delicacy for Fans of Architecture!

Central Valencia

This is one of Europe's most beautiful cities and it's a shame that it doesn't get the deserved exposure!

Delicate architecture, efervescent Valencian atmosphere and colourful diversity surrounded me everywhere. I could barely put my camera down and I could explore from morning 'til late at night!
Ay, caramba!

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Floating Worlds - Venice, Murano, Burano...

Burano's colourful architecture

Legendary Venice and its outlaying Murano, Burano and Torcello "sister islands" are picturesque little worlds of their own.

There's vastly more to discover than you can see in travel reviews, magazines, TV presentations. Join me virtually to see what I discovered!

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Exploring Gaudí's Sprawling Surreal Barcelona

Plaza d'Espanya in Barcelona

For my first ever solo travel escape, I picked Barcelona. And I was thrilled by what I had found there. The colourful, dynamical, art-filled Catalonian city has captured my heart!

Here's what I found back then in 2008: experiences, beautiful places not to miss - with photos included! Enjoy!

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