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My Escapes - Epic Stories of Travels Around the World

As a solo traveler, I explore the World driven by passion and curiosity, a thirst for culture and adventure, a need for freedom and love for diversity.
Jump on board, let's explore the World together - virtually!

My "escape" guides are about deep solo explorations and show you the destinations "from inside" - how they really are - access the guides below...

Greek Week

Greek week

This is a "retro post" of an escape I took back in 2009, when the Greek economic crisis was just starting.

It was my first Greek trip and took about a week - I targeted Athens, Meteora and Piraeus...

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Naples, Islands, Pizza and Camorra!

Naples area trip

One of Italy's most exciting (and dangerous) parts is the Naples area, which I visited during this escape.

Exhilarating is the isle of Capri with its surreal spots. Naples is wild and the island of Procida is calm and colourful.

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Alternate Route Through Rome to Naples

Rome stop-over

Due to my cancelled flight from Malta to Naples I had to find an alternate route: through Rome.

This is what I did in those few rainy hours in Rome before train-riding to Naples...

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Rocky Dry Malta Trip

Malta trip

My curiosity also dragged me to tiny Malta, a massively fortified dry archipelago, where almost everything is made of stone.

I explored Malta extensively, here are my experiences...

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Costa Blanca Summer Heat

Costa Blanca, Spain

Hankering for Spain's sunny beaches with bustling (and busty!) beach life, I set off for the explosive exotic Costa Blanca.

Pinned destinations: the legendary Alicante and the sizzling utopian Benidorm beach paradise.

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Another Lovely Trip to Portugal!

Portugal escape trip

I targeted Portugal again - this time the main land.
9 destinations, well over 9,300 photos and a maximum level of enjoyment.

Never visit Portugal without using my material as a guide.

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Stop-over Day in Istanbul...

Visiting Istanbul

After an 11 hour exhausting flight from Singapore, I touched down in Istanbul for a very short stay.

A little more lookin' around and eatin' around.

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Return to "Lion City"

Singapore again!

My slightly shorter second Singapore trip wasn't less interesting than the first one.

More temples, more wandering in the CBD, more eating around.
Encounters with cats and visiting a wicked Chinese medicine shop.

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My First Malaysian Escape

Malaysia trip

"Malaysia Truly Asia" - they say.
And so it is: a little piece of Asia. Diverse, colourful, bustling with attractions.

During this trip, I visited Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and the Batu Caves.

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Bustling, Colourful Singapore

Escape trip to Singapore

I finally made it to one of my long time dream destinations: bustling colourful Singapore!

The real thing has stunned me and all of my expectations were by far exceeded!

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Short Stay in Istanbul

Short Istanbul trip

Short, but fruitful visiting of Istanbul: visited a few main attractions, walked around, bought local kebab and tasted local beer.

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Cold Helsinki Business Trip

Helsinki business escape

More diverse that I had anticipated, the capital of Finland wasn't at all boring, just heavily expensive and ice-cold.

It was a business trip, but I did get a taste of some urban exploration and learned about Helsinki's Gotham City feel!

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Back to Barcelona!

Second Barcelona Trip

Following my Madeira escape, I returned to the art paradise of Barcelona.

A little more wandering around to new places, new attractions...

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Short Stop-over in Lisbon

Short Lisbon exploration

I had roughly 3 hours during an airport stop-over in Lisbon, so I took the risk to visit during that time.

My target was the São Jorge Fortress in the core of Lisbon.

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Escape to Lush Green Madeira

Madeira escape

Driven by impulse with almost no planning at all, I dropped in to this exotic Atlantic island.

A short time after arriving I was already hotel-less and the adventure was just getting started!

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Flight Connection in Lisbon

Portela Airport flight connection

I was flying from Barcelona to Funchal, Madeira. For my connecting flight I had to stop over in Lisbon.

Portela Airport was terribly disorganized, I almost missed my flight due to a borracho driver.

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Frenetic Valencian Escape!

Adorable Valencia escape trip

Efervescent atmosphere, stunning architectural delicacy and contrast, amazing street art, great food and a blood-warming vast beach with palms!

Ay, caramba!

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Exploring Gaudí's Sprawling Surreal Barcelona

First Barcelona trip

The entire city is flying in art... Barcelona has instantly captured my heart.

To me, the art-filled Catalonian capital was like a fish market to a hungry cat!

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Floating Worlds - Venice, Murano, Burano, Torcello...

Venice and the nearby islands

After seeing a movie, I started drooling after romantic Venice, so I jetted-off and explored.

Went a bit beyond Venice to see picturesque and less-known islands...

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My escape trips are slow and deep travel explorations, walkaround guides - stories of trips to wonderful places in the World, seen "from within" to build these unique travel guides, digging deeper than the average traveler.

Loads of photos, musigns and ruminations, contemplative thoughts... even thick text, a bit of ranting and unbiased opinions seasoned with my own travel slang.

I'm a solo indie traveler and I travel slowly to soak up the atmosphere, learn about the places and interact with locals... and shoot my camera until my finger gets numb!

I ruminate and contemplate, dissect and analyze - as an urban explorer, culture vulture, art lover, architecture-obsessed travel bug.

(As of May 1st, 2015 - I've been to 20 countries on 3 continents, visited nearly 1,000 unique travel attractions in dozens of cities. Stay tuned to this page for more trips, further updates).

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