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My Escapes Spain Valencia Frenetic Valencian Escape!

Frenetic Valencian Escape!

December 6, 2013
June 10, 2015

After having eyed Valencia for several years, I finally set off to explore it.
This summer's trip was frenetic and turned out to be one of my most fruitful memorable urban explorations ever.
Valencia boasts with architectural splendour, has a vast beach and great food!

I dropped in for a mere 5 nights, that's only 4 full days and behold: Valencia's warmth and lavish diversity quickly opened up in front of me.

This city has captured my heart!
Too bad Valencia gets shaded by Barcelona's and Madrid's notoriety, it certainly requires more exposure than it is getting.

Cleaner than Barcelona, more delicate than Madrid and with a vast pure sandy beach... it is the home of the paella and... just check my guides below:

The Ayuntamiento and Valencia's Classical Architecture

The City Hall

To me, Valencia's streets are even more beautiful than Barcelona's and the city's elegance isn't at all below Madrid's either!

I could walk for hours, exploring and admiring the splendour all around me. I started out from the Ayuntamiento area.


The Old Town

Valencia's Old Town

Valencia's Old Town is a cute and romantic place with rather small buildings, plenty of ancient churches, even the remains of ancient city walls with massive protective turrets.

But of course, the winding streets, the colours and great places to eat are also there!


The City of Arts and Sciences

City of Arts and Sciences

Don't miss the hypermodern complex of the City of Arts and Sciences. Almost everything floats on water here!

Apart from the architecture, the museums, aquariums, musical auditoriums and other places can keep you busy.


The Sprawling Architectural Diversity of Valencia

Red building in the Old Town

I was amazed by the diversity, contrast and overall richness of Valencia's architecture... truly amazing city!

My photos speak for themselves, check them out!


The Gardens of the Former Túria Riverbed

Recreational areas, parks

The former Túria riverbed was transformed with the diverting of the river to another basin.

Right now, if you go there, you'll find a vast green area full of parks and other recreation areas...


Estació del Nord

Estació del Nord

The main railway station of the city is the Estació del Nord.
Believe me, very few train stations come close to the beauty of this one.


Valencia's Port and Marina

The port of Valencia

It's a rather small port with a few ships in it, nothing overall impressive, but hey, I had to check it out...

The port's buildings do need some attention, though...


The Skyline of Valencia

Valencia's Skyline from the Cathedral

It's not a big city, but it sure has a rich panorama!

I climbed more than 200 stairs to take these photo shots from the old Cathedral's bell tower!


Valencia's Beach - Very Warm in April!

Palms on the beach

It's less famous than Benidorm or Málaga, but it sure is vast and a great place for a beach holiday, I reckon...

Next time you're planning a beach holiday, consider Valencia!


Puerto Saplaya

Puerto Saplaya

It's a modern resort town full of colourful buildings that bear forms of several main Iberian architectural styles...

To me it seemed a "little Venice" due to its waterways and abundance of ships.


Eating and Drinking in Valencia


It's actually considered the hometown of the paella and it's a great place for checking out Mediterranean seafoods.

This time I didn't go on a deep immersion of local gastronomy and didn't like the taste of my pinchos (which weren't fresh!).


Street Art in Valencia

Street art

Just like in other cities across Spain, Valencia too has a rich street art "heritage", to say so...

The run-down areas of the Old Town and peripheral quarters have plenty of graffitis...


Valencia Vehicle Spotting

Vehicles in Valencia

Here are some ofthe most interesting vehicles in and around Valencia.
Not much talk, photos speak for themselves


NH Villacarlos Hotel, Valencia - Review

NH Villacarlos Hotel

Mid-range hotel that had some ugly downsides, but overall it looked great and service was above average.
Photos and other details about this Valencian hotel you'll find in this review...


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