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Escape Hunter About EscapeHunter.com Who is Escape Hunter?

Who is Escape Hunter?

December 30, 2012
July 9, 2015

I'm the solo traveler 'Escape Hunter', the person behind this travel site.
I travel occasionally, slowly and deeply, exploring exciting places, sharing various experiences on EscapeHunter.com.
Want to know more about me? Read below...

Traveling and exploration has always fascinated me, ever since my childhood. But it was only after my student years that I started traveling seriously.

It all started when, as a young economist, after having earned my Master's Degree, I departed for a short trip to Spain and Portugal in 2008.

Since then, I have been periodically visiting and deeply exploring various destinations.
Just to mention a few countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Turkey, Hungary, Malta, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Austria, Finland...

Escape Hunter traveling

After having finalized my university studies, I set off for a refreshing trip to Barcelona. The "travel bug" has caught me and I kept on taking various trips since then.

I'm an online marketer solo traveler. Passionate about arts and adoring cultural diversity.

I have countless motivations, reasons to travel...

I travel to explore, discover, learn and understand...

I travel to set myself free and roam wildly "out there" like a happy dog with running across a field with his tongue out!

I travel to love the moment, to enjoy the present. We only live once.

I travel to soak up the atmospheres and feel every nuance of the places I go to.

I travel slowly to taste new experiences and contemplate all their nuances.

I travel to meet new friendly people and create new relationships.

My insatiable desire to travel is fueled by my spirit of adventure and my passion for beauty. I'm as passionate about traveling as one can be.

More into urban exploration, I prefer traveling slowly, as it's more enjoyable.

I'm a creative aquarius with a nuanced personality and a deep passion towards arts.

As you can observe in my escape guides, architecture and urban art are among the primary issues that I focus on.

My authentic travel experiences are listed under the Escapes section.

For general information about the site view this page.

I'm often asked why I call myself 'Escape Hunter' and why I publish as 'the incognito traveler'. More about this on this page.

If you have more questions, perhaps you'll find answers on my FAQ's page.

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