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My Escapes Singapore Bustling, Colourful Singapore

Bustling, Colourful Singapore

May 30, 2014
April 29, 2015

Ever since my teenage years I was dreaming of visiting Singapore one day and my wish came true - I also had plenty of time to look around, explore and even take a second trip.

My first taste of "Lion City" was a deep immersion into the contrastful tropical bustling prosperous island-city-country...

Right after my first rest, I went out to explore the central parts.
I was struggling with jet-lag for days and it took a long time until I got used to the tropical heat.

This escape was actually a combination between a business trip and a fun escape to one of my dream destinations.
I seized the opportunity to explore thoroughly and soak up the atmosphere.

Besides this escape, I also took a second trip, soon after a short escape out to neighbouring Malaysia.

Flying to Singapore

Flight to Singapore

I had a smooth long flight from Istanbul Atatürk directly to Singapore Changi.

It was my first ever trip aboard a Singapore Airlines jet and the cost was worth every cent!
Super-kind staff, fantastic food, great comfort etc. etc. etc.!


The Top 15 Places to See in Singapore

Top places to see in Singapore

I had to force myself to squeeze in the most important places to visit in Singapore and could barely manage - missed out on a few, unfortunately.
Just in case you are wondering which places you should visit, here's a list I put together!


Top Religious Sites to Visit in Singapore

Religious sites

Mosques, temples, churches, all worth seeing...
Here's my list of 21 holy places to visit in Singapore - take notes and pin your destinations on a map. Luckily, many of them are found in each others' proximity.


The Look and Feel of "Lion City" - Singapore

Singapore look and feel

It was a lot more different from what I imagined...
Harsh hot climate, dense wet air, vast housing block-filled residential areas (some painted in wicked colours), strong architectural contrast, high prices, pharmacy-like cleanliness in the business districts...


The City Hall and Esplanade Areas


My first ever walk out in the city has brought me to the City Hall station, from which Esplanade wasn't far.

A few hours after having landed I scooted the area to see what it's all about... then, I ended up wandering until late midnight to other areas as well!


Munch 'n' Brunch in "Lion City"

Eating and drinking

The hawker centres attracted me magnetically, but I also bought a few simple foods here and there to bring to my hotel.

Review with a few photos with useful suggestions for travelers...


In the Middle of the Singapore CBD

Downtown Core Skyscrapers

On my first day, I got dragged into the middle of Singapore's biggest business district. Yet, it started out as a humble evening "look around" walk, I just couldn't stop digging deeper and deeper.

Check this out, you'll understand why Raffles Place is a great spot to start out sightseeing in Singapore.


Night Time in Chinatown


Unknowingly, I stumbled upon Chinatown when wandering out of the CBD. It was late and not many businesses were open, but the beautiful architecture has stunned me!


Little India

Little India

On a terribly hot June mid-day, I went out exploring the Little India area of Singapore.

Scenic views, food stalls... but the terrible tropical heat, which I wasn't used to almost made me faint in the middle of the street.


Sim Lim and Bugis

Bugis Street

Bugis is a trendy shopping district with traditional markets and boasting modern shopping malls.
And for an architecture enthusiast (like myself), it was enjoyable to almost get lost in Bugis.

As for the Sim Lim Square - it is a rich electrical equipment shopping centre, which I also visited.


Suntec City and the Convention Centre

Suntec City

The conference was about to be held at the Convention Centre, found in Suntec City - one of many business districts of Singapore.

I went out to check the ad:tech venue, but I was strongly impressed by the area's looks, so I gravitated around to explore further.


Attending ad:tech 2011

ad:tech 2011

Because I have to keep pace with what's new and also build new business relationships, I wanted to attend the ad:tech 2011 conference.
In the end, it was a wonderful event during which I learned new things and met new friendly people.


The Bras Basah Area

Bras Basah

I wanted to see some temples, churches and hankered to get a taste of the architectural contrast. So, I picked Bras Basah.
I took a bunch of photos, tasted a few delicacies and went on further...


Views Around Marina Bay

Marina Bay

The views all around the bay are exalting.
Before visiting the rooftop of the Marina Bay Sands triple skyscraper, I thoroughly examined the area down there...


The Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Three 55-story skyscrapers support a platform from where you can admire Singapore's beautiful skyline. Of course, there are swimming pools, bars up there as well!

As for the hotel: it is the World's most expensive building with 2,561 (expensive) hotel rooms.


Singapore's Skyline From The Marina Bay Sands Hotel's Rooftop


I first saw photos of the place about 6 month before my trip. Back then, little did I know about where I was going to be standing that summer!

Check out the photos in this article and you'll be amazed by the views!


Visiting the ArtScience Museum

The ArtScience Museum

The white lotus-shaped building is actually a museum. In fact, much of it is under the ground!
When visiting it, I was able to enjoy the sight of Chinese gold treasures recovered from an old shipwreck, a Dalí exhibition, as well as wall projections of Van Gogh's art.


Armenian Street

Armenian Street

Another ethnic neighbourhood in Singapore is Armenian Street. It's rather the name that makes reference to the once sizeable Armenian population in this area...
No crowds, but some interesting buildings and lots of green areas.


The Parliament, Boat Quay and Revisiting Raffles Place

Boat Quay

Don't leave the Parliament out if you have time for it.
Under no circumstance should you forget about the sensational Boat Quay area!

Here are my photos and further details about this experience...


An Overview of Singapore's Architecture


Singapore is the place of striking contrast and skyscrapers, but well-preserved old buildings can also be found.
Come, let's take a dive and explore!


Beware of Centipedes in Singapore!


Huge centipedes whose bites are terribly painful can cause serious illness.
Yes, these monsters live in Singapore and I only found out by the time I was already there!


Nasty Birds are Everywhere!

Nasty birds of Singapore

Nasty black birdies with yellow feet and yellow beaks kept appearing here and there...

Larger than the average western sparrow, but smaller than the common pigeon. "Made in Singapore" nasty little black birds!


Singapore Vehicle Spotting

Vehicle spotting

I spotted a few interesting vehicles during this trip to Singapore.
View the photos, here...


Street Signs and Posts in Singapore

Street signs and posts

The country with strict laws is filled with all sorts of sings - which indeed reflect how strict Singapore's rule of law is.

This is a collection of photos showing streets signs, street posts.


Flying to Kuala Lumpur

Flying to Kuala Lumpur

From Singapore I was bound for Malaysia, headed straight to Kuala Lumpur with JetStar Airways.

Here are a few photos and some info about how it was to embark on the Australian airline company's 737.


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