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Escape Hunter Terms & Policies Advertising Policy

Advertising Policy

This section contains the policy, rules regarding advertising on EscapeHunter.com and its social media channels.

1. Only Appropriate Advertisements, Advertisers are Accepted
Only related sites are accepted to advertise on EscapeHunter.com and the own social media channels attached to- and this site.

2. Right to Refuse/Reject Any Application/Request
EscapeHunter.com has its right to reject/refuse any application/request for advertising on its pages and/or on its social media channels.

3. Submission Ethics, Rejection of Unethical Sites
EscapeHunter.com only accepts ethical websites for advertising.
Any site containing unethical content will be rejected. Examples of unethical content hateful content to any group or individual, fanaticism, profanity, promotion of political messages, distorted facts, misleading information, severe factual omissions,

4. Removal of Placed Advertisements
Any site that's either not functioning properly or engages into activities that are not respecting our "Terms & Policies" will be removed without prior consent, nor any notice.
EscapeHunter.com will remove any link and other reference to any website that's conducting unethical activity or websites that have had a downtime of over 7 days.

5. No Refunds for Advertising Services
No refunds are offered, nor any compensation whatsoever to those websites that have engaged into activities that don't respect out "Terms & Policies".
EscapeHunter.com does not give any compensation for advertisements that have been bought and placed.

6. Prices of Advertisements
The prices of advertisements are set per a finite period. There are no "lifetime" fees and/or listings.
All prices of all advertisements are subject to change. Possible price changes will only affect the next billing cycle. There are no retroactive payments for advertisements.

7. Removal of Advertisements Per Advertiser's Request
Advertisers may request the removal of their ads.
The requested removal of advertisements will not implicate any sort of refund, nor any other sort of compensation.

8. No Guarantees Regarding Advertiser Satisfaction
EscapeHunter.com does not guarantee the satisfaction of any advertiser.
EscapeHunter.com does not guarantee return-on-investment, nor a certain number of visitors, page views, clicks, impressions whatsoever through advertisements placed on EscapeHunter.com and/or on this site's own social media channels.

9. Responsibilities of EscapeHunter.com
EscapeHunter.com is responsible for the functionality of the advertisement throughout the period they have been paid for.

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