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Benidorm, Spain

Epic Stories of Travels Around the World

On my curious solo travels around the World I dig deep, learning constantly about our beautiful World and invite you too - hop on my site, join me virtually!

Traveling occasionally, but actively since 2008, I launched EscapeHunter.com in 2012.
I'm doing my best to feed you with travel stories, planning advice, photos, unbiased reviews and even industry-related news.

Another Lovely Trip to Portugal!

Portugal escape trip

My travels have brought me to Portugal once again. This time I focused on the mainland, having visited 9 destinations and taken over 9,300 photos.

If you want to visit Portugal, don't plan without my thorough journal, which you can access here.

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Stop-over Day in Istanbul...

Visiting Istanbul

Following my Asian trip, I from Singapore to Istanbul again.
For a short stop-over... a little more looking around and eating around.

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Return to "Lion City"

Singapore again!

My slightly shorter second Singapore trip wasn't less interesting than the first one.

More temples, more wandering in the CBD, more eating around.
Encounters with cats and visiting a wicked Chinese medicine shop.

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My First Malaysian Escape

Malaysia trip

"Malaysia Truly Asia" - they say.
And so it is: a little piece of Asia. Diverse, colourful, bustling with attractions.

During this trip, I visited Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and the Batu Caves.

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How Travelers Can Enjoy "Free for All" Experiences

Free travel experiences

"The best things in life are free" - they say. And, this is often true about travel as well.

If we're very economic or just low on cash, it's not the end of the World. We can enjoy the free side of traveling.
Here's how...

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Jet Lag Coping Techniques

Coping with jet lag

Jet lag feels like heavy sandbag on the our heads and it can ruin a trip.

But a smart and documented traveler will fight back. Even if jet lag symptoms have already showed up.

Here's how to fight back on jet lag!

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20 Annoying Things That Keep Happening When I Travel

Irritating things about traveling

Traveling can get terribly irritating at times.

Here are 20 annoying things that keep happening to me again and again, when I'm traveling.
If you have the "travel bug", then many of these will sound familiar to you.

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Insect Bite Prevention Techniques

Insect bite prevention

Never underestimate insect bites, they can get you dreadfully ill or, even cause death.

And because there is no single best technique to prevent them, it's best combining multiple ones.
This list can inspire you.

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