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Naples, Islands, Pizza and Camorra!

Naples and surroundings

One of Italy's most exciting (and dangerous) parts is the Naples area, which I visited during this escape.

Exhilarating is the isle of Capri with its surreal spots. Naples is wild and the island of Procida is calm and colourful.

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Alternate Route Through Rome to Naples

Rome stop-over

Due to my cancelled flight from Malta to Naples I had to find an alternate route: through Rome.

This is what I did in those few rainy hours in Rome before train-riding to Naples...

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Rocky Dry Malta Trip

Malta trip

My curiosity also dragged me to tiny Malta, a massively fortified dry archipelago, where almost everything is made of stone.

I explored Malta extensively, here are my experiences...

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Trip Planning and Preparing

Plan your trips better and squeeze as much out of the experience as possible!
Here are my latest travel planning tips...

Rarely Heard Strong Reasons Why You Should Travel

More reasons to travel

Powerful rarely mentioned reasons why you should travel.

These are some of the reasons that fuel me to travel!

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How to Call Home From Abroad?

How to call home from abroad

No roaming, no Skype, no internet connection - how can you still call home when you're abroad?

Here are some tips for you!

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How to Find WiFi When Traveling?

Finding WiFi abroad

Ways to find that so much needed WiFi connection you're drooling for when traveling abroad...

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