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Travel is the ultimate experience. Freedom, depth, beauty.
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Rocky Dry Malta Trip

Malta trip

My curiosity also dragged me to tiny Malta, a massively fortified dry archipelago, where almost everything is made of stone.

I explored Malta extensively, here are my experiences...

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Costa Blanca Summer Heat

Costa Blanca, Spain

After the earlier visit to Valencia's beach, my appetite has amplified for more sun and beach, so I headed straight for the Costa Blanca!

Targets: alluring Alicante and sizzling Benidorm!

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Another Lovely Trip to Portugal!

Portugal escape trip

My travels have brought me to Portugal once again. This time I focused on the mainland, having visited 9 destinations and taken over 9,300 photos.

If you want to visit Portugal, don't plan without my thorough journal, which you can access here.

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Trip Planning and Preparing

Plan your trips better and squeeze as much out of the experience as possible!
Here are my latest travel planning tips...

Finding the Ideal Destinations
& Attractions For You

Find destinations to visit

Don't know where to travel?

Let's find your ideal destinations based on your personality, your fears and desires!

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Vital Trip Calculations You Shouldn't Leave Out

Finding destinations

Trip-related calculations should go far beyond estimating your expenses.

Which are the important things that we should calculate?

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Squeeze 'em In! How to Pack Less and Lighter?

Smart packing tips

How much do you actually do in order to shrink your bag's size and volume?

Here are a few common, humble measures that a traveler can undertake.

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How to Protect Your Money When Traveling

Protecting money on trips

Travelers are magnets to thieves, pickpockets - but you won't be at high risk if you take my advice!

Here's how to take care of your money while traveling.

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Poor Man's Guide to Saving For Trips

How to save for trips

Constantly dreaming of traveling, but you just can't afford the "luxury"...

Now, these simple techniques will help you save big and eventually take that wonderful trip!

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