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Hotel Casa Caprile, Anacapri (Capri) - Review

August 22, 2015

During my trip to Capri I stayed at the Hotel Casa Caprile. This is a review of the hotel.

The Hotel Casa Caprile is a mid-range hotel, located in a fantastically beautiful part of Capri, in the town of Anacapri, accessible through a narrow street.

I think the hotel building by itself is an attraction: a beautiful building that used to be the residence of the Queen of Sweden.

What very rare about this hotel is that it has a lovely (and huge) garden full of exotic plants. Palms, ficus trees and even beautiful strelitzia flowers abound there.

It's not a cheap thing to stay at Casa Caprile, but for the value of money, it's certainly one of the best places on the entire island.

I warmly recommend the Casa Caprile, if you're looking for good accommodation on Capri. It's mid-range. Not too expensive, but not "budget" category either.

I loved the quietness of the area, the kindness of the staff, the beautiful garden and the fact that

Among the negatives were: no internet access, very basic (and cold) breakfast and the fact that it's so hidden and you'll sometimes have to lift your luggage when going on the stairs.

Location: 8

One of the best locations I've ever stayed at.
The setting is amazing: the entire neighbourhood is very beautiful, you can see Monte Solaro from the beautiful garden.

You will have to walk a bit to get to the nearest bus station, though.
And, finding the street (the exact address) wasn't very easy. But at least made things more adventurous.

You will have to walks down on stairs to enter the hotel. If you have a heavy luggage, then this can be bothering. But the worst part is leaving the hotel: lifting the luggage and climbing the stairs.

Not the best place for the elderly and the weak. Definitely not for you if you're in a wheelchair.

Look & Feel: 9

As mentioned several times above: it's a very beautiful building with a lovely green garden.
There is a certain elegance to it. The Casa Caprile used to be the residence of the Queen of Sweden.

I loved the fact that the rooms were accessible from the outside - from the garden!
So, every time I was getting in and out, I was passing by a garden with cactuses, palms, flowers and other plants...

The look and feel has captured my heart, but I give it 9 points out of 10.

I didn't like the ugly doors of my room: ugly welded iron doors with huge windows. Anyone can stare right in, unless you pull the white curtains. And then you can't look out.
So, privacy felt a bit weak.

Cleanliness: 9

Exceptional cleanliness.
No issues except some slight signs of dirt, black fungi at the base of the shower box.

The exterior is very well-maintained, the stairs and pavements were squeaky clean. And so was the room I stayed in.

One of the cleanest hotels I've ever been too. But, I can't understand why the didn't put a bit more energy and attention into hygiene of the shower box.

Room Comfort: 9

Mine was a huge room with a wide double bed. Very comfortable.

There was a thick (second, internal) curtain that I could pull for more privacy. (As mentioned earlier, the room had huge windows, but there were thin curtains on it and, this second thicker curtain inside - if you want more privacy).

What I felt was lacking was a stable table for eating and using my laptop.
Although there were some tables, I've found them small and a bit shaky.

Facilities, Equipment: 8

Very well-equipped bathroom, which was also nicely designed.

But they could improve on facilities: wireless internet connection was non-existent.
At least at that time, this is what they told me. Too bad.

I had a good TV, a fridge, even an air conditioner. But, Capri's air was great, the temperature wasn't too high, so I didn't even need it.

Everything was in excellent working condition.

The huge bed was very comfy, there were some curtains for blocking curious eyes from the outside (since the room was accessible from the garden).

Staff: 8

Very kind staff, some of them had great command of English were very helpful and even offered to help repair my broken bag handle.

One staff member barely spoke English and didn't understand basic questions, such as: whether there is WiFi connection in the room.

Really kind people, well above average friendliness.

The breakfast-serving personnel had a slightly cold behaviour and weren't helpful, nor kind, when other visitors complained about the cold coffee.

Overall I give 8 for the staff.

Breakfast: 6

It was offered for free. However, it was very basic.
Too many sweets, some fruits, biscuits and very strong cold (!) coffee.

The coffee and just about anything drinkable was cold. A French lady complained (in French) about her cold coffee, but the (obviously irritated) staff lady didn't speak French, nor did she offer any solutions.

I do occasionally drink cold coffee, but it's not normal if only cold coffee is available.

The breakfast consisted only of cookies, jam, Nutella. Insufficient to give you the energy that you require for sightseeing in the earlier hours.

Value for Money: 8

For 69 EUR or cheaper I couldn't find any other hotel on Capri at that time. This was my best choice and I didn't regret it.

Although 69 EUR per night is not the "cheap" category, it is a lot lower than the rates of other hotels on the island.
So, if you want to spend less on Capri hotels, put the Casa Caprile on your list.

They should provide better breakfast, learn English better and WiFi in room would be great.

Final overall score: 8.12

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