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Gozo Island Day Trip

April 29, 2015

Never leave Gozo out of your itinerary, if you're visiting Malta.
Although dry, the scenery is beautiful and if you want relaxation, it's better to stay on Gozo for a while. I personally felt like my Gozo experience has refilled my batteries.
I had a full day to burn on Gozo and I loved it deeply!

Gozo was even quieter than the main island of Malta. It was so quiet that it even felt deserted. I was the only one of a handful of people in the village of Xewkija.

What caught me most on Gozo were actually the scenery and the mentioned village of Xewkija with its imposing church and "too elegant" architecture for a village.

Obviously, Gozo holds much more than the 3 towns/villages, which I was able to visit. I was yearning to visit the island again, ever since I left it...

My experiences are packed in side the articles below... I hope you'll enjoy the material and you'll also visit Gozo one day!

Ferry Crossing to Gozo

Gozo ferry

Following a one hour-long adventurous vintage bus ride along Malta's northern coast, I jumped off the bus at the ferry port, ready to cross to Mġarr.


My "Great Walk" to Xewkija

Gozo walk to Xewkija

Disembarked at Mġarr and headed on foot straight to the next town called Xewkija.

It was a hot May day and I almost melted on the way, as I passed by scenic fields and entered the seemingly deserted Xewkija.


The Victoria Citadel

Victoria's citadel

In the heart of Gozo is the small city of Victoria with its prominent Citadel. Yet another heavily fortified establishment...


Street Wandering in Victoria

Victoria, Gozo

Humble wanderings on the streets of Victoria, the capital of Gozo.
Photos and thoughts...


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