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My Escapes Portugal Another Lovely Trip to Portugal! Lisbon Dipping Into Lisbon

Dipping Into Lisbon

September 11, 2014
January 8, 2015

6 years have passed since I've seen Lisbon during a short stop-over... I decided to revisit the city and this time, I was impressed by what I saw.
My jaw dropped, as I dug deeper to explore the jewels of the Portuguese capital. I kept exploring until I wore my feet down, it was lovely!

Lisbon has improved a lot since September 2008, when I stopped over for roughly 3 hours, then flying further to Barcelona.

Now (in June 2014), Lisbon was significantly cleaner, a lot more colourful - I immediately noticed that the Rossio and Praça da Figueira were in better shape, some buildings were restored.
I saw more people around and the area felt cleaner.

The vintage trams somehow looked better as well. Perhaps they were reconditioned?

Still, the dark side of the city has remained and the shady creeps were still roaming around in the centre.

This trip section is about my first 2 days in Portugal.
On the first day I stayed in Lisbon, on the second and third at Costa da Caparica. Still, most of my first Caparica day, I decided to burn on Lisbon, because my curiosity towards Lisbon was insatiable.

Despite having returned to Lisbon for 4 more nights towards the end of this escape, the most memorable were: the first (arrival) day in Lisbon and hours from the second one (which I initially intended to spend on Caparica).

I didn't go according to my initially planned schedule...

Impressions of Lisbon 6 Years Later

Lisbon impressions

My thoughts, feelings of Lisbon 6 years after my short stop-over.
Here's why it felt cleaner, more beautiful, more diverse...

Already during my first hours there, I noticed it's better than back in 2008.




Baixa is the low central district of Lisbon. The Rossio, Figueira and Comércio squares are found here.

Baixa is wonderful for looking around, eating around, watching trams and so much more!


Praça Rossio and Praça da Figueira

Figueira square

Rossio and Figueira are the two main squares in the central part of Lisbon where I hung around frequently.

They're great for sightseeing, eating around and it's a good starting point for urban tours.


The Santa Justa Elevator

Santa Justa Lift

The old lift designed in 1874 elevates to a height of 13 m. A wonderful travel attraction at Chiado's edge that gives you a glimpse at Lisbon's splendid panorama!


Lisbon's Old Trams

Old trams in Lisbon

Lisbon is one of very few cities (in the entire World!) where you can not only admire, but also take rides on vintage trams.
I regret the fact that I did everything I could think of, but simply didn't have the time to ride one of these. I made up for the lost opportunity later, when I took an old tram trip in Porto.


The Old Funiculars

Lisbon's funiculars

There are several funicular lines still operational in Lisbon.
They appeared as early as the late 19th century, facilitating transportation between lower ground and higher ground. Even today, many people take the funiculars on the abrupt tiring slopes.


The Carmo Convent and its Surroundings

The Carmo Convent

You can't miss it if you're in central Lisbon.

It's a ruined old complex of a convent completed in 1423, which was ruined by the 1755 Lisbon Earthquake (which tragically destroyed much of Lisbon).


Remembering the Carnation Revolution

Portuguese Carnation Revolution

Portugal got rid of the "Estado Novo" regime lead by António de Oliveira Salazar through the victimless "Carnation Revolution", which took place in 1974.
Graffitis, photo posters and commemorative plaques were abundant in the city - so I thought I'd write an article about this...


Bairro Alto

Bairro Alto

Bairro Alto is the result of urban expansion in the 16th century, when Lisbon grew out, stretching over the western hills.

Funicular, traditional dwellings, azulejo ceramic tiles, scenic streets... It's also a trendy night life district.




Chiado is a hilly, elegant neighbourhood with fine restaurants, high-end shops, theatres, jewelry shops and this is where tram number 28 travels across...


Lisbon's Best Viewpoints

Lisbon skyline viewpoints

Lisbon has a beautiful rich panorama. Diverse enough to keep you contemplating it for long minutes.

Here, in this article I'll tell you the best viewpoints for admiring the city's skyline.


Praça do Comércio

Praça do Comércio

One of Lisbon's main squares, found down in the Baixa district.
It is also known as Terreiro do Paço and its history dates back all the way to the 1600's.

Too bad they were restoring it during my visit...


The Casa dos Bicos and My First Portuguese Ceramic Tile

Casa dos Bicos

In my search for the Casa dos Bicos I came across a beautiful palm tree-filled square and a splendid view of colourful buildings established uphill, just below the fortress - towards the river.


The Lisbon Cathedral

The Lisbon Cathedral

The construction of the Sé (or the Cathedral) began in 1147 - when Lisbon was reconquered by Christians from the Muslim-ruled Taifa of Badajoz.
It reflects a multiple architectural styles (Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque - Rococo), having been subjected to several modifications.


Captivating Alfama


Lisbon's oldest district, found on the sides of the eastern hills, between the São Jorge Castle and the Rio Tejo.

An alluring place for taking walks, hanging out in bars and watching the beautiful views...


The Unique Vasco da Gama Shopping Center

Vasco da Gama Shopping Center

Near the Oriente station is the Vasco da Gama Shopping Center - the name too is interesting, but... the design, wow! I loved it!
Themed after explorations, discoveries... this reflects in the design. This gives it "more soul".


The Oriente Station Felt Like a Phalanstery

Oriente Station

I departed from Lisbon to Porto through the Oriente train station. It is one-heck-of-a wicked concrete-steel-glass behemoth structure designed by Santiago Calatrava.
To me, it's interesting nevertheless, but compared with the beautiful Rossio station, it's just a utopian phalanstery!


Lisbon Munch 'n' Brunch

Eating and drinking in Lisbon

I tried the famous pastel de nata pastry product. It is indeed delicious!
Another thing I did was to drink pisco (Peruvian drink) in a Peruvian bar-restaurant - quite an interesting taste!


Lisbon Vehicle Spotting

Lisbon vehicle spotting

Besides the old trams and the old funiculars, there are plenty of interesting and even weird street vehicles. My spotting times in Lisbon were fruitful.


Delightful Street Art in Lisbon

Street art

There is an abundance of street art creations in Lisbon. Barrio Alto and Alfama are home to the most beautiful ones.

Here's a collection of photos that I took...


Funny Inscriptions on Lisbon's Streets

Inscription in Lisbon

There were several weird, wicked, funny, odd inscriptions and street sign posts here and there in Lisbon.

Couldn't walk past without immortalizing them. So, here are my pics...


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