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Sizzling Benidorm

December 26, 2014
June 21, 2015

Costa Blanca beach paradise Benidorm is a utopian concrete jungle feeding almsot exclusively on tourism and entertainment
It's a trendy Mediterranean beach destination, but you don't have to squeeze your wallet for it. It's incredibly scenic and surprisingly cheap.

Benidorm, along with Alicante are the Costa Blanca's leading destinations, attracting a profusion of foreigners. Especially British and German tourists adore this place.

While Alicante has a rich historic and cultural heritage, Benidorm is a modern beach paradise. Consists almost entirely of modern high-rise buildings lined up along its two main beaches: Poniente and Levante.

Benidorm is the place for those who adore dynamical beach life, night-life, partying... It's also ideal for family beach trips. There are several theme parks in the area and lots of fun activities to try.

I spent 5 days in Benidorm - enough to take a deep immersion.

Consult my trip review below to see what Benidorm is about...

Why Visit Benidorm?

Reasons for visiting Benidorm

Sprawling intense beach life, lots and lots of clubs, crazy night-life, shockingly impressive skyline, lots and lots of sunny hours. And, it's not necessarily expensive.
Benidorm is the star of the Costa Blanca. Don't miss out on the experience!


Playa Levante - Benidorm's Leading Trendy Hot Beach

Levante Beach

Benidorm's northern big beach is the one closest to the centre and the best clubs and bars.
Levante is the most crowded beach (generally jam-packed) and this is where the hottest chicks lie in the sun like seals.


Playa Poniente - A Scenic Beach in Benidorm

Poniente Beach

Less crowds and more space, a bit less noise, but slightly lower quality sand then at Playa Levante.
Poniente is surrounded by scenic views and it's a great place for practicing beach sports.


Benidorm's Old Town

Benidorm's old centre

Yes, the utopian beach paradise filled with concrete high-rises also has an old centre.
Small, but there are a few nice streets, great places to eat and a good viewpoint towards both great beaches.


Benidorm's Skyline - Great Views From the North

View of Benidorm's skyline

It took ages to walk up to the northern peak and get a glimpse of sizzling Benidorm's high-rise-filled skyline.
It was an amazing sight. Took me off my feet.
See my photos and get amazed yourself!


Benidorm's Skyline - Great Views From the South

Benidorm panorama

The other peak I climbed for the sake of catching Benidorm's skyline from another angle, was a hill located south.
I did a bit of light hiking (crazy me, there was an easy path upwards, but I sometimes love choosing the hardest way)...
The views from up there were jaw-opening fantastic!


The Majestic "M" Skyscraper Phalanstery

Intempo building, Benidorm

A grandiose, letter "M"-shaped futuristic skyscraper rises 200 m, ambitiously towards the sky.
A bombastic residential phalanstery. Utopian, even.

With a height of 200 m and 47 floors, it's Spain's tallest residential skyscraper and tallest high-rise outside Madrid.


Benidorm in the Late Hours

Benidorm in the late hours

As the Sun goes down, the bustling beach life slowly retracts and the panorama of lit-up high-rises offers a splendid view of the beach front.
Benidorm is totally different in the evening, at the night... but how's it in the dark hours, really?


My Benidorm Cocktail Tour

Benidorm cocktails

As a cocktail adorer, I couldn't hold myself back from doing the cocktail tour. Mojitos, piñacoladas and not only!


Hungarian Style Pizza at the "Pancho el Húngaro"

Hungarian pizza

A spicy Hungarian twist to the Italian pizza - I ordered this meal at the "Pancho el Húngaro" restaurant. The place is named after the famous Hungarian footballer, Ferenc Puskás.


Seafood at the "Sirena del Puerto" Restaurant

Seafood in Benidorm

I munched a simple, but immense seafood dish at a restaurant called "Sirena del Puerto" in central Benidorm, right at the spot between Levante Beach and Poniente Beach.
Restaurant review.


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